Terms of use

The popular appeal of WordPress also makes it an attractive target for hackers, spammers and a variety of shady characters who weave webs of darkness and deception across the Internet. Because of that, AEJMC requires that all members of the aejmc.net shared hosting space who use WordPress follow a few rules.

  1. AEJMC will install and maintain a suite of security plug-ins. You must keep these active at all times
  2. Administrative privileges will be granted to one or two persons per division after an interview process. Every site should have someone with at least Editor privileges.
  3. Periodic WordPress upgrades and updates for plug-ins (and themes where possible) will be automatically installed across the entire AEJMC Network – without any notice to members of the network. Following an upgrade, administrators of individual sites may find notices in their dashboards (or e-mail) that their databases and/or themes need to be upgraded. It is your responsibility to do so.
  4. Each division is responsible for its own backups. The only authorized backup utility is WordPress’s built in “Export” feature. Note: Your media files will not be part of the backup (few backup utilities capture all media files). Site updates always run the risk of breaking sites; you should have a regular backup routine.
  5. Every user profile within a division site must contain the person’s real name and e-mail address.
  6. Any additional plug-ins or themes must be approved by the AEJMC Web team.

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