Lost password

Password recovery dialog

Link that starts the password recovery dialog

If you lose your password, it’s easy to reset. At the bottom of the site login dialog box is a question that is linked to a recovery dialog. The link text says simply “Lost your password?” If you click on the link, it takes you to a form where you enter your e-mail address and submit the form.

The site will check your e-mail address against a database of registered users. If your address is not found, you will be told. If it is, a temporary password is sent to the e-mail you submitted. Typically, you have just a few hours to use the password before it expires. Because the e-mail comes from a Web server, some corporate / university networks send the message automatically to junk mail. You may need to look there.

After you have the new password, you can login, then go to your profile and set your password to something you prefer. You need to select a password that rates at least “strong.”

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