What is the SPIG Listserv?

The SPIG listserv is an Internet gathering comprised mainly of individuals teaching at smaller journalism programs around the country, although participation is open to anyone wishing to join in and/or lurk. Many of the participants also are members of the Small Programs Interest Group of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. The list is hosted at Simpson College.

How do I join?

Subscribing to the list is simple. Send an email to the following address:

Leave the subject line blank. Click “off” any automatic sig line you append to your emails. Then write in the body of the message:

subscribe spig

That should do it. If you don’t receive a confirmation message back within a few minutes, drop a line to Brian Steffen, the list administrator, whose email address is listed above.

How do I participate?

Once you’re subscribed, you’ll receive a copy of every posting by the dozens of people who are members of the list. You may respond to existing posts or start new ones. To do so, send your post to the following address:

Although we’ve had no flame wars to date on our list, it’s always a good idea to remind participants that we’re a friendly group of journalism educators always on the lookout for better ways to do our jobs. Feel free to agree or disagree with anyone – just keep the discourse level up high. We like each other.

What do we talk about on SPIG?

Anything the list members want to discuss. We’ve had no threads about favorite recipes yet, but list members are welcome to contribute anything that they think other list members would want to know.

The SPIG list is not edited by the administrator or anyone else. Once you post, your words will be transmitted around the list within a few seconds.

How do I catch up?

There are two ways to keep up with what’s on the list if you’re new to the list:

One is to consult the SPIG archive, which is available on the WWW at:

Posts there are organized by date and by thread. They should be updated automatically. If not, let the administrator know and he’ll visit the campus computer tech with a monkey wrench in hand.

The other way to keep up is by checking the Small Programs Interest Group newsletter, which is published and sent quarterly to officially registered members of SPIG. As the individual who compiles this anthology every quarter, the list administrator contact those whom he thinks will be published to make sure it’s OK to put their words into print. The final decision as to what to print and what not to print, of course, falls to the newsletter editor.

How do I officially join SPIG?

There’s no charge to subscribe to this list, of course. SPIG, however, is always on the lookout for new members as a means of improving its service to small journalism programs around the country. You can become an official member of the group by checking off the SPIG option the next time you register or re-register as a member of AEJMC. It’s a mere $10 for the year.

Brian Steffen, Simpson College, listserv manager