Current Issue

Summer 2015


Applying a Social Network Perspective to Public Relations Pedagogy:
Examining the Relationships that Will Build the Profession
Adam Saffer

Big Tweets on Campus: College Newspapers’ Use of Twitter
Kris Boyle and Carol Zuegner

Developing and Assessing Experiential Learning Opportunities
Cindy Royal

Mobile Journalism 101: Teaching Students to Use Mobile Devices to Produce News Content
Dianne M. Garyantes and Mark Berkey-Gerard

More than Writing and Reporting: Examining the Overall Media Literacy of Today’s Journalism Students
Hans C. Schmidt

Pedagogical Approaches to Student-Run PR Firms Using Service Learning: A Case Study
Carolyn Kim

Social Media Internships: A Case Study of a Student-run Social Media Institute
Sarah Maben and Jennifer Edwards

Teaching Transparency: A One-State Case Study of Sunshine Laws and the Journalism Curriculum
Melony Shemberger

Scholarship of Application

Community Engaged Learning in Journalism and Multimedia Courses
Kathleen Webber and Kim Pearson

Cracking a Closed Culture as an Immersion Journalist
Patrick Walters


An Intro Class Launches an Impromptu ‘Pause’ Campaign, Learns Social Media Evaluation and Campaign
Sarah Maben

Building an International Journalism Course on Student-Centered Experiences
Butler Cain