What Is Taught about Diversity and How Is It Taught? A 2015 Update of Diversity Teaching at U.S. Journalism and Mass Communication Programs

Masudul Biswas, Ralph Izard, and Sepi Roshan

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Abstract: Using survey method, this study explores how diversity courses are offered, what is taught in those courses and how learning outcomes are assessed in those courses in 64 U.S. journalism and mass communication programs. This study also seeks to determine the preferred teaching approach to diversity in these programs and whether there is a relationship between the status of a program’s offering of a dedicated course on diversity and its teaching approach. One of the key findings of this study is integrating diversity content across the curriculum is popular among both the programs that offer a course on diversity and the programs that do not offer a course on diversity. Another finding, unexplored in some past studies, suggests that these programs use critical thinking-oriented independent and applied assignments significantly over testing as assessment tools of diversity learning outcomes.

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