Is coaching enough? Feedback approaches to JMC writing instruction

By Sharlene R. Kenyon

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Abstract: In an effort to innovate and increase the effectiveness of university journalism and mass communication (JMC) writing instruction, educators and universities have incorporated coaching and other process-oriented feedback strategies. Classroom observations and interviews revealed traditional and coaching strategies at work in the JMC classrooms. This article reveals the similarities and differences among JMC university writing instructors and analyzes the significance of recursive cycles of feedback, rewriting and coaching in the design of JMC writing instruction.

Dr. Sharlene Kenyon ( has taught for more than 20 years at both college and secondary levels in the disciplines of communication, English, history, and scholastic journalism. She earned her PhD in 2017 after completing a thesis on writing instruction in JMC introductory writing and reporting classrooms. Her research interests are writing instruction, professional development and JMC genre study.

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