Mobile Journalism 101: Teaching Students to Use Mobile Devices to Produce News Content

Dianne M. Garyantes and Mark Berkey-Gerard

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Abstract: The findings from this study underscore the need for journalism educators to train students on the use of mobile devices to produce news content. A survey of journalism students found that they regularly use mobile devices for personal use, but not necessarily for reporting assignments. After being taught by faculty how to use mobile devices for content production, however, most students were adopting mobile technologies to cover news, including recording audio for interviews and shooting photos and video. The advantages of using mobile technology, according to the students, were convenience and accessibility, ease of use, speed, and familiarity. The main disadvantages included specific technical problems and perceived low quality of the media produced. The study highlights the need for educators to encourage and train journalism students on the use of mobile devices to produce news content to best prepare them for a more technologically sophisticated news environment.

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