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  • Entries for Innovative Outreach to Scholastic Journalism competition due April 1

    Posted on March 13th, 2013 jdodd No comments

    by Julie Dodd
    Innovative Outreach to Scholastic Journalism chair

    The AEJMC Scholastic Journalism Division is calling for entries of an innovative program or shared resource offered by a college or university that is targeted to high school, middle school or elementary school students or teachers.

    The top innovations will be presented at a panel session at the AEJMC convention. Each presenter will receive an award plaque. A maximum of three innovations will be recognized.

    The deadline for submitting an entry is April 1, 2013, at 11:59 p.m.

    You do not have to be a member of the Scholastic Journalism Division or AEJMC to submit an entry, but you must be directly involved in the program or resource development and implementation.

    The competition is designed to recognize programs that promote interest and training in scholastic journalism at the secondary and pre-secondary level (K-12) that provide models of innovative programs that higher education media programs could replicate. The ability to replicate the outreach program is a major factor in the selection of the top programs. These can include one-day workshops, online training or summer training.

    The competition has been expanded to also include innovative resources that have been developed to help scholastic journalism students and teachers. Those resources can include apps, podcasts, websites and curriculum materials.

    To be eligible:

    The outreach program or resource must focus on students and/or teachers in high school, middle school and/or elementary school media programs.

    Program — The program must have been conducted at least once. The outreach program may be a face-to-face meeting or conducted through an alternative delivery method, such as Web delivery.

    Resource – The resource may be based on collaboration, but the faculty member submitting the entry must have played a major role in the resource’s development.

    The entry must be submitted electronically as a PDF file.

    * Cover page: Name of the outreach program, name of the sponsoring institution and other partners (commercial newspapers, grant sponsors, etc.), individual submitting the paper and contact information
    * Origin of the program or resource, including any models that were used in designing your program/resource
    * Goal(s) for the program/resource
    * Target audience and documentation of participation/use
    * Description of college faculty involvement
    * Description of any involvement by commercial media or funders
    * Documentation of the assessment process
    * Budget – Include financial support or support in kind from commercial media outlets, grants, etc.
    * Supporting materials, such as the itinerary of a workshop program or a copy of the curriculum materials. For an online resource, the URL or Web access information must be provided.
    * Letter of support from the administrator of the author’s department/division, addressing the value of the program/resource.

    Email your submission packet to me: Julie Dodd, Innovative Outreach to Scholastic Journalism chair, jdodd (at) jou (dot) ufl (dot) edu

    The Division has presented this award since 2003. You can read about the previous winners of the Innovative Outreach to Scholastic Journalism. Please contact me if you have any questions about the competition.