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#NewsEngagementDay Activity: Public Opinion Polls for Environmental Scanning

Students need critical thinking skills to assess how news is part of the environmental scanning function of PR. Choose 1) a public opinion poll in the news and 2) one or more organizations with interests related to the poll. Break students into groups and ask them to assess how the poll pertains to their organization, first using the opportunities and threats from SWOT analysis and then, if applicable, using Hallahan’s (2000) typology of publics. Analyze the different groups of people using Hallahan’s (2000) typology: Does the poll demonstrate the levels of knowledge and involvement of different publics?  Are there active publics to which the organization may need to respond in the future, or are there inactive publics that need to become activated? (Hallahan, 2001). Share thoughts using #NewsEngagementDay and #NewsValue

Idea from: Lauren Bayliss, Georgia Southern University