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#NewsEngagementDay Activity: Examining News Differences by Platform

Description: According to Pew Research, websites and social media platforms are the most common places used by Americans to get news. 1. Poll your students on the methods they use to get their news. 2. Assign a current event or news topic to the class, such as “Hurricane Irma.” Ask different groups of students to search for news on the topic across methods/platforms. How does the presentation of news content on the same topic vary by print, television, radio, and online methods? 3. Because most Americans consume news via social media (most often via Twitter), how does this affect media relations and PR? Should pitching, press releases, content creation, etc. differ? Share thoughts using #NewsValue and #NewsEngagementDay

Idea from: Katie Place, Quinnipiac University

Start spreading the news: PR-focused teaching ideas for NED on the way!

In a few short weeks, communications faculty members and students around the world will be reading, watching, listening to, discussing and sharing the news on this year’s News Engagement Day (NED), Tuesday, October 3, 2017.

The PR Division’s PF&R committee wants to make joining this global conversation as easy, and as enjoyable, as possible for you and your students.

Here are the details:

  1. We are framing the NED discussion this year to highlight the intersection of news and public relations. The news media and journalists are an integral part of the communication landscape that public relations operates in. We hope this conversation will help tie NED to the public relations curriculum.
  1. #NewsValue. We have selected a new PRD-specific hashtag to spark offline and online conversations about the value of news and journalism to the practice of public relations. Please feel free to interpret the meaning of this hashtag as you see fit. Use it as you and your students post on social media along with #NewsEngagementDay.
  1. Sharing public relations-focused teaching ideas. In the weeks leading up to NED, members of the PF&R and Teaching committees will share teaching ideas through the PRD’s social media channels to help you incorporate NED-related activities in your public relations courses.
  1. Crowdsourcing teaching ideas. We are also inviting you to share your NED-related teaching ideas with the PRD community on social media as well. Look out for specific social media posts that ask for your ideas.

During News Engagement Day (Tuesday, October, 3), the PRD social media team will collect posts shared with #NewsEngagementDay and #NewsValue via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The NED conversation will then be curated using Storify and shared with PRD members as in years past. (See last year’s Storify of PRD’s News Engagement Day).

So start spreading the news about NED! Watch the PRD social channels for more information. Share your teaching ideas with the PRD community. Get your students to think and post about their relationship with the news. We are looking forward to seeing your posts on #NewsValue for #NewsEngagementDay Tuesday, October 3!

Contributed by: Chris Wilson & Julia Fraustino (PF&R team for the PR Division)