The Research Committee issues the call for PRD papers for the annual conference. The committee recruits reviewers, monitors submissions and selects the top three research papers, top three teaching papers and top four student papers for the division. The committee also appoints moderators and discussants and notifies authors of their presentation times.

For the 2015 annual AEJMC conference, a total of 166 papers were submitted across the three competition categories including open, teaching and student. After deleting 22 disqualified papers, 71 papers were accepted for a 49% acceptance rate.

  • Open Competition: 104 submitted, 48 accepted
  • Student Competition: 50 submitted, 19 accepted
  • Teaching Competition: 12 submitted, 4 accepted

Themes covered in the papers include Credibility and the Reputation of PR; Crisis Communication; Societal Roles of Public Relations; Effects of Strategic Communication; International Public Relations; Organization Public Relationships; Public Relations Models, Theories, and Research; Crisis Response; Corporate Social Responsibility Communication; The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility; Political Organization Public Relationships; Social and Mobile Media Engagement; Public Relations Education and Professions; Social Media and Public Relations; and Strategic Messaging.

Top Open Competition Award Winning Papers for 2016

First Place Paper
Understanding peer communication about companies on social media: Evidence from China and the United States by Linjuan Rita Men, Florida, and Sid Muralidharan, Southern Methodist

Second Place Paper
Fundraising on social media: How message concreteness and framing influence donation outcomes by Anli Xiao, Yan Huang and Denise Bortree, Pennsylvania State

Third Place Paper
Buffer or backfire: How pre-crisis associations and attitude certainty impact consumer crisis responses by Weiting Tao, Miami

See the top student papers on our Students page.

See the top teaching papers on our Teaching page.

Scholarly Journals

Journal of Public Relations Research
AEJMC Public Relations Division’s Journal
Editor: Dr. Bey-Ling Sha, San Diego State University

Journal of Public Relations Education
AEJMC Public Relations Division’s Journal
Editor: Chuck Lubbers, University of South Dakota

Public Relations Journal (online)
PRSA journal
Editor: Dr. Robert Wakefield, Brigham Young University

Public Relations Review
Editor: Dr. Ray Hiebert, University of Maryland

PRism Online PR Journal
Editor: Elspeth Tilley, Massey University

Public Relations Inquiry
Editors: Jacquie L’Etang, Queen Margaret University; Tim Coombs, University of Central Florida; Lee Edwards, University of Leeds; Magda Pieczka, Queen Margaret University; Jordi Xifra, Pompeu Fabra University

Case Studies in Strategic Communication
Editor: Daren C. Brabham, University of Southern California

Corporate Communications: An International Journal
Editor: Wim J L Elving, University of Amsterdam

International Journal of Strategic Communication
Editors: Ansgar Zerfass, University of Leipzig; Kelly Page Werder, University of South Florida

For additional journals and submission tips, see our PDF about journals that accept public relations work.