PRD 2015/2016 Committee Leadership

PRD 2015/2016 Committee Leadership

The division has a number of committees, all mostly chaired by full-time public relations faculty at colleges and universities across the United States.

Chair positions are not formally elected positions, but instead the individuals are volunteers from PRD who have a specific interest or expertise in the area. All members, including graduate students, are encouraged to get involved with any of the following committees.

  • Research: Organizes all paper submissions, conducts research paper competition.
  • Teaching: Organizes teaching paper competition, assists with division teaching goals.
  • PF&R: Helps to meet all professional freedom and responsibility goals for the division.
  • Membership: Coordinates with Head to set membership goals, develop membership materials, reach out to new members, and promote membership.
  • Professional Liaison: Helps link the division with practitioners and professional associations to enhance research, teaching, and professional development.
  • Graduate Student Liaison: Establishes opportunities to communicate with graduate students about the group, while helping promote student awards.
  • Student Awards: Manages the two student division awards.
  • Nominating Committee: Manages annual division elections.

See the Leadership page for more details about the main positions of division head, vice-head, vice head-elect, immediate past head and division secretary.

If you are interested in getting involved with a committee, please contact Emily Kinsky at

Full List of Committee Members:


Emily KinskyDivision Head
Emily S. Kinsky
West Texas A&M University


Division Vice Head and Programming Chair
Richard Waters
University of San Francisco

Vice Head Elect

Giselle A. Auger
Rhode Island College

Tiffany GallicanoImmediate Past Head
Tiffany Gallicano
University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Past Heads Council Chair

Susan Grantham
University of Hartford

Tim Penning
Grand Valley State University

Chair: Lan Ni
University of Houston

Vice Chair: Nathan Gilkerson
Marquette University

Teaching Committee and Graduate Student Paper Competition
Chair: Lucinda Austin
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Vice chair: Katie Place
Quinnipiac University

Committee: Brigitta Brunner
Auburn University

Michele Ewing
Kent State University

Professional Freedom & Responsibility Committee
Chair: Brooke Weberling McKeever
University of South Carolina

Vice chair: Chris Wilson
Brigham Young University

Hyejoon Rim
University of Minnesota

Rebecca Swenson
University of Minnesota

Lois Boynton
University of North Carolina

LaShonda Eaddy
University of Georgia

Membership Committee
Chair: Hua Jiang
Syracuse University

Vice chair: Marlene Neill
Baylor University

Vice Chair Elect: Melanie Formentin
Towson University

Melissa Adams
North Carolina State University

Communication Manager: Geah Pressgrove
West Virginia University

Assistant Manager: Kathleen Stansberry
Cleveland State University

Kelli Burns
South Florida

Lauren Auverset
University of Alabama

Yan Jin
University of Georgia

Matthew Van Dyke
Appalachian State

Ioana Coman
Wisconsin-Green Bay

Listserv Manager
Denise Bortree
Penn State University

PR Update Newsletter
Editor: Dean Mundy
University of Oregon

Cary Greenwood
Middle Tennessee State University

Lois Boynton
University of North Carolina

Leysan Khakimova Storie
Zayed University

Curtis Matthews
University of Kansas

Yuan Wang
University of Alabama

Social Media Committee
Chair: Diana Sisson
Auburn University

Vice chair: Melissa Janoske (also social media team’s website liaison)
University of Memphis

Alan Abitbol
University of Dayton

Pamela Brubaker
Brigham Young University

Matt Kushin
Shepherd University

Stephanie Madden
University of Memphis

Ai Zhang
Stockton University

Website Committee
Chair: Kathleen Stansberry
Cleveland State University

Vice Chair: Amber Hutchins
Kennesaw State University

Kylah Hedding
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Melissa Janoske (social media team liaison)
University of Memphis

Jeffrey S. Morosoff
Hofstra University

Yi Luo
Montclair State University

Brigitta Brunner (teaching liaison)
Auburn University

Inez Kaiser Graduate Student of Color Award Committee
Chair: Candace Parrish
North Carolina Central University

Vice chair:
Eyun-Jung Ki
University of Alabama

David Radanovich
High Point University

Matt Ragas
DePaul University

Nicole Lee
Texas Tech University

Ron Anderson
University of Texas at Austin

Arunima Krishna
Boston University

Teri Del Rosso
Bridgewater State

Doug Newsom Award for Global Ethics and Diversity Committee
Chair: Kevin Stoker
Texas Tech University

Vice chair: Natalie Tindall
Lamar University

Committee member: Chuck Lubbers
University of South Dakota

Judy VanSlyke Turk
Virginia Commonwealth University

Susanne A. Roschwalb Grant for International Study and Research Committee
Chair: Brian Smith
Purdue University

Vice chair: Kelly Vibber
University of Dayton

Patrick Merle
Florida State University

Peta Long *
Syracuse University

Juan Meng *
University of Georgia

Ashli Stokes
UNC Charlotte

Yue Zheng
Cal State Northridge

Graduate Student Liaison Committee
Faculty Adviser: Julia Fraustino
West Virginia University

Co-Chair (luncheon): Yuan Wang
University of Alabama

Co-chair (membership): Tiffany Schweickart
University of Florida

BaoBao Song
University of Florida

Jennifer Harker

Stephanie Mahin

Barbara Myslik
University of Florida

Mila Khalitova
University of Florida

Social Event Committee
Chair: Amanda Kennedy
University of Maryland

Vice chair: Holly Ott
Penn State University

Brooke Fowler
University of Maryland

Nell Huang Horowitz
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Laura Lemon
University of Tennessee

Lindsey DiTirro *

PRSA Liaisons
Carolyn Kim

Julie O’Neil

Commission for Public Relations Education Representatives
Hongmei Shen
San Diego State University

Ken Plowman
Bringham Young University

Journal of Public Relations Research
Editor: Bey-Ling Sha
San Diego State University

Senior Associate Editor: Hilary Fussell Sisco

Associate Editor: Sung-Un Yang

Journal of Public Relations Education
Editor: Chuck Lubbers
University of South Dakota

Associate Editor: Emily S. Kinsky
West Texas A&M University

Website Manager: Robert French
Auburn University