PRD Leadership Profile: Graduate Student Committee

By Melissa Janoske, University of Memphis 

Committee name:
Graduate Student Liaison Committee

Committee members & positions:

Faculty Adviser: Julia Fraustino
West Virginia University

Co-Chair (luncheon): Yuan Wang
University of Alabama

Co-chair (membership): Tiffany Schweickart
University of Florida

Jennifer Harker
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

Mila Khalitova
University of Florida

Stephanie Mahin
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

Barbara Myslik
University of Florida

Tyler Page
University of Maryland

BaoBao Song
University of Florida

Primary responsibilities within the PRD:

Big Wins For Last Year: The Graduate Student Liaison Committee conducted a survey on the 2016 Graduate Student Luncheon in January 2017 to get feedback from the Luncheon participants. This committee incorporated participants’ feedback into the planning and organizing of the 2017 Luncheon in Chicago. This committee sought sponsorship for this event from the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University. The venue of the 2017 Luncheon was also identified.

Goals for the Coming Year: The goals for the coming year include continuing the Luncheon tradition, expanding membership outreach, and encouraging student participation in PRD events. This committee expects the Luncheon to become a traditional event and a brand of PRD. It also wishes to promote PRD events and activities to more graduate students and engage them in these activities.

Top Memories from their experience on the committee: Yuan Wang: My top memories include seeking sponsorship for the Graduate Student Luncheon and negotiating with restaurants in Chicago. It was a pleasure talking with Dr. David Pelmutter, the Dean of the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University, who showed great support to our Luncheon, which I sincerely appreciate. It was also challenging and interesting to negotiate with restaurant managers in order to find the best deal.

Fun question! Which sitcom best describes your committee dynamics? The Big Bang Theory can best describe this committee. Its members are all intelligent doctoral students specializing in public relations, who work together to achieve the committee’s goals.



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