PRD Leadership: Membership Committee


Interview by Matt Kushin, Shepherd University 

Names of people on the committee & positions:

Chair: Hua Jiang, Syracuse University

Vice-Chair: Marlene Neill, Baylor University

Committee Members

Melanie Formentin, Towson University

Melissa Adams, North Carolina State University

Primary responsibilities within the PRD:

The membership committee is committed to cultivating a long-term trusting relationship between AEJMC Public Relations Division (PRD) and its members. Our primary responsibilities include enhancing PRD members’ membership experience, organizing and managing our mentoring program, and getting people involved in PRD.

Big wins for last year:

Through our collective efforts, we conducted PRD’s annual membership survey, the mentoring survey with our 2016-2017 mentors and mentees, recruited new mentors and mentees for the 2017-2018 year, compiled a list of “tips” for integrating new members into our PRD to share with the division’s social media team and other committees and task forces that handle members related business. The biggest win for the year is that we are organizing our first ever Mentoring Coffee at AEJMC conference in Chicago sponsored by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations. Hope to see you at the event in August!

Goals for next year:

  1. Continue to grow our mentoring program
  2. Work on membership outreach among graduate students and potential members
  3. Conduct our annual PRD membership survey and mentoring survey
  4. Provide tips in newsletters for those attending academic conferences for the first time
  5. Continue to organize mentoring gatherings at conferences
  6. Continue to work with other PRD committees on membership related tasks and responsibilities

Top memories from our experience on the committee:

We met on the phone! We had great conversations during the year. It’s been a very fun and productive team.

Any other additional info you feel it is important to share:

Not now, we will share more details and updates at the annual business meeting of the PRD in August.

Fun question! If the committee was named after a pop song (either a current pop song or from anything in the pasts), the committee’s name would be:

Maybe “YMCA” because we’re the awesome membership peeps who encourage diversity of experiences and membership among people who are in the PRD club.




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