Announcement: Roschwalb Award Winner!

By Brian Smith, Purdue University

The Susan A. Roschwalb Grant is awarded annually to a graduate or undergraduate student in public relations or mass communication programs whose plans include study or research of public relations and how the field interacts with society outside the United States. It has been awarded annually by the AEJMC Public Relations Division since 1996 and currently is matched by the Mass Communication and Society Division as part of a 3-year trial partnership.

This year, the 5-person award committee selected Devin Knighton, a Ph.D. student at Purdue University, to receive the Roschwalb Grant.

Knighton will study a particularly innovative subject, examining public relations’ role in entrepreneurship in Brazil through the lens of the situational theory of publics. By applying STP to a positive form of public relations (rather than as a potential threat to an organization, like activism), he hopes to add new insights to STP while establishing PR insights on entrepreneurship in a global context.

This grant will help Knighton pursue this project during the 2017-18 academic year. Please join me, and the Roschwalb committee, in congratulating Devin!

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