PRD Leadership: Teaching and Student Paper Competition Committee

Interview by Matt Kushin, Shepherd University

Committee Name: Teaching and Student Paper Competition Committee

Committee Members:

Chair: Lucinda Austin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Vice-Chair: Katie Place, Quinnipiac University

Brigitta Brunner, Auburn University

Michele Ewing, Kent State University

Primary responsibilities of the committee within the PRD

Review Teaching Panel Proposals

Coordinate and Review GIFT Submissions

Facilitate Review and Invitations of Teaching Papers and Student Research Papers

Create and Curate Teaching Materials and Resources (e.g., PR Update newsletter articles, Speaker’s Bureau, etc.)

Big Wins For Last Year (i.e., something accomplished in 2015-16):

Last year, the committee created a PRD Speaker’s Bureau to connect individuals willing to speak on specific topics to classes interested in hosting them.

Goals for 2016-2017:

One of the big goals for this year was to create a new format for teaching submissions: a Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFT) roundtable discussion. We had a tremendous number of high quality submissions and will be programming some for roundtable discussions, as well as for poster presentations.

Top Memories from Your Experience on the Committee, or, if you’re a new member, instead answer what you’re looking forward to this year.

From a committee member serving last year: “One of my favorite experiences last year was skimming through all the fascinating teaching paper submissions and teaching panel ideas. Already this year, we have seen some incredibly innovative GIFT submissions, which I would love to implement in some of the classes I teach.”

From one of our new committee members: “I look forward to seeing how the review process works. I have seen it from the side of the programmer at NCA and SSCA, but I have not at AEJ so I am curious what similarities and differences there are.”

Fun question! If the committee was a TV sitcom (either current or from anytime in the past), it would be:

It’s a toss-up! Fuller House or Designing Women. This is the first year the teaching position has been a full-fledged committee with a chair, vice-chair, and two committee members; it’s exciting to see the committee growing, given the large responsibilities of the committee. We are also a group made up entirely of talented, hard-working women with a good sense of humor!

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