Welcome to the AEJMC PR Division

About the AEJMC PRD
AEJMC’s Public Relations Division is the largest organization of public relations educators in the world. Our 400+ members represent institutions of higher learning in the United States and about two dozen countries around the world.

The PRD advances public relations teaching, research, and professional freedom and responsibility through:

  • Research paper competitions for faculty and graduate students at our annual conference
  • Sponsorship of Journal of Public Relations Research
  • Discussions, faculty paper competitions, and a monograph series related to teaching public relations
  • A quarterly membership newsletter
  • Special programs to promote international research by graduate students and diversity among prospective educators.
  • Liaison with professionals in the field.

As a member of the division, you will receive our publications: the Journal of Public Relations Research, Journal of Public Relations Education, and the PRD newsletter. You will also have the opportunity to volunteer for roles within the division, including leadership positions, and to attend and participate in the division’s membership meeting held at the AEJMC annual convention each August. Finally, you get to meet and share time with a wonderful, approachable, and friendly group of professionals at all stages of their careers!