From the head of PJIG

By Melissa Tully

The Participatory Journalism Interest Group (PJIG) name change officially went into effect in October 2013 so the upcoming conference in Montreal will be our first year operating as PJIG. Thank you to all those who contributed input during the naming process. We hope that the new name reflects the work you do and that our group will serve as a gathering place for innovative approaches to research, teaching, and practice that fall under the broadened scope reflected in our new name.

The decision to change our name from Civic and Citizen Journalism, a name that served us well over the years, was not an easy one. Just as CCJIG emerged during the formative years of civic and citizen journalism movements, PJIG reflects the changing interests of our group as members’ research, teaching, and practice now grapples with newer forms of engagement, audience participation, and user-created content in our hyper-connected media landscape.

We are excited to see and learn about the innovative approaches to the wide range of “participatory journalism” phenomena that our members engage with at the upcoming AEJMC Conference in Montreal. We have lined up excellent panels that grapple with issues ranging from using Google Glass in the classroom to the legal and policy implications of participatory journalism. I hope to see you there and to continue the conversation about development of participatory journalism studies.

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