Call for Panels for AEJMC 2014 – Sept. 30 deadline

The Participatory Journalism Interest Group (PJIG) invites your panel proposals for the 2014 AEJMC convention to be held in Montreal from Aug. 6 – 9, 2014.

Please email your panel proposal to Co-Vice Chair Glenn Scott as a Word doc by Monday, Sept. 30. Our deadlines have moved up this fall because we’re using a new electronic process for selecting and scheduling the panel presentations.

AEJMC’s goal for panels is to create interchange among groups. Most panels will be interdisciplinary, involving speakers from co-sponsoring divisions and interest groups. As you conceive of an idea for a panel, keep in mind that its success will depend on cooperation and co-sponsorship with another group.


The mantra this fall is to be creative and adaptable. You are invited to pitch an idea for a panel presentation with a paragraph or two explaining your aim and the type of panel (teaching, research, or professional freedom & responsibility). PJIG program officers will do our best to sort through the proposals and seek ties with other groups. If you have tentatively lined up one or two professionals from the field, be sure to provide names, titles, and contributions. Please don’t submit a full roster of panelists at this stage. Participants should be added later in concert with the co-sponsoring group.

We are seeking panels that explore dimensions of participatory journalism. Proposals may address, but are not limited to, the following broad themes: roles and practices of citizen journalists, mobile journalism, best practices for teaching and research, global trends, or emerging models.

The new AEJMC process has prompted program chairs to confer with other divisions/groups about co-sponsored panel themes. We have begun conversations about concepts such as these:

  • Sports Communication IG on studies of enthusiast fan sites.
  • Small Programs IG on any aspect of hyperlocal reporting sites in the Montreal area.
  • Broadcast News Division on technologies linking TV journalists with audiences.
  • Scholastic Journalism Division on community building on collegiate or high school news sites.

See a concept you’d like to pursue? Submit your proposal. Or pitch a new idea.


Your panel proposal should mention the following components in order:

  1. Type (i.e., Teaching, Research, PF&R)
  2. Tentative title
  3. A possible moderator
  4. One or two possible panelists with relevant background
  5. Brief description of the panel
  6. Possible co-sponsors
  7. Your contact information
  8. Speaker demographic information and any funding estimates.

Once we receive proposals by the end of September – feel free to submit sooner — we will select several to advance to other divisions and interest groups with the aim of negotiating co-designed proposals and filling out our conference schedule. The system is more fluid this year as AEJMC officials attempt for the first time to handle program scheduling remotely.


Our conference panels have focused on blogging discourse, credibility of citizen journalism practices, citizen contributions and politics, user collaborative activities, mobile and multimedia citizen/participatory journalism, community conversations and participatory media, newsroom projects, practicing civic and citizen journalism in a multicultural environment, and teaching civic and citizen journalism.

In general, address topics that are relevant to current discussions in journalism, politics, technology, democracy, or philosophy. Panels addressing issues of cultural and racial diversity are encouraged.


Conference participants other than Canadians are reminded to obtain passports for themselves and family members well in advance of the events in Montreal.

We look forward to your proposals!

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