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StartinScreen shot 2013-10-09 at 1.26.05 AMg to think about your courses for next term? You can find inspiration in TNT21 2013: Top Submissions to Teaching News Terrifically in the 21st Century, a PDF booklet of the submissions  honored in the division’s teaching ideas competition. The booklet contains the three ideas that won $100 first prizes:

  • Short and Tweet by Sue Burzynski Bullard, University
    of Nebraska-Lincoln, winner in the full-time faculty division
  • Today’s Journalist Challenge: Write Better, Adapt Faster, Promote Smarter by Ioana Coman, University of Tennessee, winner in the graduate-student division
  • Impact Journalism: Learning from Real-World Public Service Reporting Cases by Roy Harris, who has taught at Emerson College, winner in the adjunct division

The book also includes seven teaching ideas from entrants who received second- and third-place honors and honorable mentions:

  • ProWatch: Critically Thinking about Reporters’ Work by Carla J. Kimbrough, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Many Eyewitnesses … but Did They See the Same Thing? by Robin Blom, who submitted the idea as a Ph.D. student at Michigan State but took a faculty position in fall 2013 at Ball State University
  • The Red Line Project: Teaching in the 21st Century by Mike Reilley, DePaul University
  • The Amazing Twitter List Race by Michelle Carr Hassler,
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Storify and Twitter for Reporting and Curating a Meeting Story by Michael Fuhlhage, Auburn University
  • Editors as Curators: Using New Tools to Deliver News by Sue Burzynski Bullard, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Talking all at Once: Managing Simultaneous Face-to-Face and Online Discussions by Jennifer Brannock Cox, Salisbury University


One comment on “Download your TNT21 teaching ideas booklet

  1. Terrific job on the competition itself, Susan, as well as the PDF booklet, and this headline post about it!

    Even after this blog news item is moved offscreen by later news, the 2013 TNT-21 booklet and its 2012 predecessor will be available for downloading at the TNT-21 tab at the top of this page or the direct Web address,

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