Reviewers, discussants needed for AEJMC ’16 national conference

Please consider serving as a reviewer for the Newspaper and Online News Division for the annual national conference (AEJMC 2016 in Minneapolis, MN).

Graduate students, faculty and professionals are welcome to apply! We need a diverse population of reviewers from varying areas of professional and methodological expertise. Encourage your colleagues to apply!

If you are interested, please complete this short survey. They survey will load in a new window via Google Surveys.

More on digital news archives

The Atlantic has found a common theme with Newspaper Research Journal’s special edition on digital news archives, which are often more ephemeral than stacks of 20th century newsprint or reels of microfilm.

See the November and October articles below:

The irony of writing online about digital preservation, by Meredith Broussard of the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, New York University, following up on both her own contribution to NRJ and The Atlantic’s previous article.

Raiders of the lost Web, by Adrienne LaFrance of The Atlantic.

AEJMC Southeast Colloquium – Call for papers

If you haven’t heard, this year’s Southeast Colloquium is March 3-5, 2016, at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. AEJMC’s regional conferences are a great way for graduate students and junior faculty members to participate with AEJMC and NOND without the stress of applying to the national conference.

Authors should submit each paper as an email attachment (Word, PDF) directly to the paper chairs listed below for each division by no later than midnight EST on Monday, Dec. 14, 2015. In the body of the email, please provide the following:

  • the title of the paper
  • identifying information for each author
    • name
    • affiliation
    • address
    • office phone
    • home phone
    • fax number
    • e-mail address

Please read the full call for papers on the AEJMC website or on LSU’s dedicated Southeast Colloquium webpage.

If you’re submitting to our division, send your paper to Karen McIntyre (Virginia Commonwealth University): For other divisions, send it to the person listed below:

Forward, into the past

Some of Newspaper Division website saved at

imageIn case you haven’t noticed, technical difficulties have brought about the demise of the domain, most of which has migrated to WordPress sites here at

However, the closing of non-WordPress hosting means the division’s long-standing site at “” is no longer online. That also means we have lost access to several years of email listserv discussions and LeadTime PDF files.

The good news: The LeadTime files were backed up elsewhere, and the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” service did take snapshots of the site’s HTML pages from time to time; those can be accessed here:*/

(I have also replaced the link to the original site on our page menu with that archive.)

The old site, begun in hand-coded HTML, succeeded early attempts by division officers to give the division a Web presence via whatever Web servers were available on the campus of that year’s officers. (“LeadTime” back then was a printed-and-mailed newsletter.)

An online discussion including Randy Reddick at Texas Tech and yours truly, then in transition from Emerson College to The University of Tennessee, concluded that a stable division address at an independent domain would be a better solution than changing the division site’s address annually. Randy expanded on the idea, creating the domain, open to all divisions, with the Newspaper Division as one of the first users.

Over the years, the site included convention news, essays by officers and photo albums from division events. This WordPress site, originally, was added in 2009 to allow easier access by more than one contributor, and was moved to its current address at in 2013 after the original domain server ran into malware problems.

Unlike some other divisions’ pages, the old site had not been damaged and continued until this year as an archive of past division activities, back copies of LeadTime as PDF files, and links to an archive of division listserv discussions — including the robust conversation about adding “Online News” to the division’s name. (Personally, as a veteran of the Raleigh News & Observer’s pioneering, 1994-1998, I always felt “newspaper” included “online,” as well as finding the shorter division name easier to fit into a page heading.)

Unfortunately, we could not maintain all page-to-page links to original articles when we moved to the new server, but our dated archive links, keywords and “search” function should be able to locate anything written in the past six years. For example, here is my inaugural post linked to an archive of my previous AEJMC-related blog:
Teaching an old blog new tricks

If research or nostalgia inspires anyone to want more of the old Newspaper Division website, let me know. As its webmaster for a decade, I did keep a personal backup copy.

FOOTNOTE: Related Sites

The current officers made some use of Facebook at the August convention, prompting quite an improvement in participation over earlier attempts at a division Facebook page four or five years ago. Our page at now has almost 200 “likes.” However, some journalism professors do not “like” Facebook and refuse to use it. Perhaps the new Web editor or a designated hitter can mirror Facebook news posts here on the division’s main site. For now, I’ve added a Facebook link to the Related Sites menu on this page. If this post of mine is still the top thing here in October, be sure to check for division news on Facebook!

We are also on Twitter, news industry professionals’ other popular social media site, as, so that is on the “Related sites” list too.

And, with Sage Publications having taken over publishing Newspaper Research Journal, that division-affiliated journal has a Sage webpage address, which I’ve also added to the Related menu.


Anyone browsing the 2009-2010 blog archives will see that we did, for a while, use this site to record industry trends and attempt to launch discussions, but both editors wound up unable to attend AEJMC conventions and promote the idea.

Officers and members for a time preferred using email listserv software for discussions, but changes in technology at the hosting company caused that service to be abandoned earlier this year. A Google Groups mailing list is currently filling the announcement-mail role.

Shortly, Chad Sherman of Waynesburg University will log in as this site’s new primary editor. Here’s wishing him all the best at defining its future and its relationship to the division’s newsletter and social media sites… I’ll still be around to answer questions, but look forward to having Chad and the current Division officers take charge of the group’s “…and online” future.


Bob Stepno

[Updated and edited, with several menu and link additions, Sept. 26]

TNT21 winners announced at #AEJMC15

From Susan Keith, our teaching tri-chair:

Michelle Carr Hassler, a professor in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, took top honors in the AEJMC Newspaper and Online News Division’s teaching ideas competition. She earned the $100 prize in the full-time faculty division of Teaching News Terrifically in the 21st Century for her idea “Weather Wise: A Data and Design Exercise.”

Hassler—who earned a TNT21 honorable mention in 2014 and third place in 2013—also took home an honorable mention in the 2015 competition for her idea “A Global View: International and Interactive Storytelling.”

Nebraska took home more honors as College of Journalism and Mass Communications professor Sue Burzynski Bullard tied for second place with “Get Your Game On: Using Play to Bolster Essential Skills.” Like Hassler, Bullard is a multi-year winner in TNT21. She took the top prize and an honorable mention in 2013.

Tied with Bullard for second place was Aaron Chimbel of the Bob Schieffer College of Communication at Texas Christian University, whose idea was titled “Not Quite Live: Simulating the Real-Time Reporting Experience.”

The third-place award went to Kelly Fincham of the Department of Journalism, Media Studies and Public Relations at Hofstra University. Her idea was “Picture This! Helping Students Measure Their Twitter Social Media Footprint.”

There were two honorable mention awards in addition to Hassler’s. They went to Debora Wenger of the Meek School of Journalism and New Media at the University of Mississippi for “Coaching News Gathering Through On-Camera Interviews” and Carol B. Schwalbe of the School of Journalism at the University of Arizona for “Team Tweeting a Community Event.” Schwalbe is also a multi-year TNT21 award recipient. She took the top prize in the 2014 and 2009 editions of TNT21.

Judges for this year’s competition were John Carvalho of Auburn University; Karyn Collins, who teaches at Bloomfield College, Montclair State University, and Rutgers University; Jennifer Brannock Cox of Salisbury University; Mary D’Ambrosio of Rutgers University; Patricia Dobson of Eastern New Mexico University; Kevin Lerner of Marist College; David Loomis of Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Mitch McKenney of Kent State University; Carol Schlagheck of Eastern Michigan University; and Howard Schlossberg of Columbia College of Chicago.

The Newspaper and Online News Division started TNT21 in 2009 in an effort to:

  • Encourage instructors teaching the foundational journalism courses of newswriting, reporting and editing to think about how to best do that in a transforming media world
  • Honor the work of adjunct professors and graduate students, who often teach basic journalism courses but don’t always get a lot of recognition within AEJMC for their teaching work.

The competition, organized by Susan Keith of the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University, typically awards $100 prizes for the best idea in three categories: full-time faculty member, adjunct professor and graduate-student instructor.

In 2015, however, as in 2014, no entries were received from graduate students or adjuncts. Please consider pointing out the competition to adjunct instructors and graduate students next year. The June deadline will be announced on the division’s website, the AEJMC website and the division’s Facebook page.

NOND note: Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to Susan Keith of Rutgers University for coordinating the competition!

New officers for 2015-16

Newspaper and Online News Division
Officers for 2015-16 were chosen at the annual convention and announced by incoming head Mitch McKenney of Kent State.

With McKenney, who succeeds Raluca Cozma of Iowa State, the new officers are:

Vice head/program: Jasmine McNealy, Florida.

Senior research co-chair: Fred Schiff, Houston.
Research co-chair: Jan Lauren Boyles, Iowa State.

Teaching Standards: Susan Keith, Rutgers (TNT). Leslie-Jean Thornton, Arizona State (Student News Projects). Kristoffer Boyle, Brigham Young (Educator of the Year).

PF&R: Patrick Ferrucci, Colorado-Boulder. Brandon Szuminsky, Waynesburg.

Newsletter: Patrick Walters, Kutztown.
Web: Chad Sherman, Waynesburg.
Web editors emeriti/Trainers:
Bob Stepno, Radford (retired).
Randy Reddick, Texas Tech, (Systems administrator,

Secretary: Howard Schlossberg, Columbia College Chicago,

Membership: Edson Tandoc, Nanyang Tech (Singapore).
Outreach: Janita Poe, Georgia State.

Southeast Colloquium Research: Karen McIntyre, Virginia Commonwealth.

Oral History Diversity Project/AEJMC: George Daniels, Alabama; June Nicholson, Virginia Commonwealth.

Contact information is on the “Officers” page listed on the menu above.

LeadTime – Summer 2015

The summer edition of LeadTime brings you highlights from our #AEJMC15 program. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco in two weeks! Click on the image below to read the newsletter:

LeadTime Summer 2015

Call for Division Web Editor(s) — Help Fill This Space

Greetings, Newspaper & Online News Division members…

I’m trying to retire (again).

I’ve been in charge of the division’s Web presence for a dozen years, a position that some institutions might count toward tenure, something like editing a newsletter or journal. Ideally the editor would be someone who could attend AEJMC national and regional events and report on Newspaper/Online division activities.

After the division added “& Online” to its name a few years ago, I expected to see more participation in this site as an online forum, but health problems kept me from attending annual meetings and promoting the idea. Mea culpa.

I think the editorship especially needs someone who can be at the August annual meeting to proselytize a more transparent “digital first” approach in conducting the division’s business — maybe putting meeting minutes, budgets and policies online, coordinating with its Newspaper Research Journal, encouraging online discussions and participation, etc.

In more active years we have used this site and its UNIX predecessor to create photo pages from conferences. This WordPress version of the site has an “Events” menu at the top of the page that could easily be added to each year. A 2013 proof-of-concept test worked tag-team style — but it would have been much less time consuming for someone on-site with WordPress experience, who could add individual photo captions, or link pictures to blog posts about panels and meetings.

Enough division members come from institutions where WordPress is used or taught that some faculty or grad students might easily turn the site into a “convention newspaper” live from San Francisco, or Cleveland, or wherever AEJMC lands next. (The software we are using is a more customizable version of the free hosting your students may be using in class or for their personal blogs. I routinely had my introductory newswriting classes up and running with individual blogs in a single class meeting.)

If you have interest or experience in such things and want to help the division live up to the “and online” we added to its name, please contact Vice Head Mitch McKenney, who is taking over as division head, or send me a note as bob @

Among other things, we have postponed choosing a new more mobile-device-friendly site design in hopes of getting more folks involved in that decision and in the operation of the site. Our site administrator, Randy Reddick, can explain how easy that redesign process is, choosing from a variety of more modern page “themes” or layouts.

WordPress tools have evolved rapidly. For example, this item was composed and posted with the Android WordPress app on a two year old smartphone. WordPress also has a very useable iPad app.

When the time comes, I will be happy to explain, help, coach, advise, or bow out completely, but I do hope someone more active in AEJMC events steps forward to add to the division’s online presence.


Bob Stepno

Mild-mannered Newspaper (etc.) Division Web editor since… was it really 2003?!

Division archives: including
the 2004 Toronto convention.
and more.

Did we have a blog back then? Yes, as an “aej” category in my personal blog — on a private company server that “went away” a few years ago: Peek into my 2004 archive

Deadline extended for News Project awards

The goal of this award is to honor news projects compiled as part of a journalism class. All work contained in the projects must be original to the students in the class OR must be credited appropriately with an indication of the project’s right to use it. No aggregation or curation sites will be considered.

Categories (new this year):
A) Collaboration: More than one college/university involved
B) Collaboration: Single or multiple classes, one college/university*
C) Individual or small-team (no more than five people) projects

*By “class,” we’re referring to students enrolled together in a semester-long course or course section. Different sections of the same course may compete against each other.
Recognition will be given in all three categories, assuming qualified entrants.
First, second, third, and honorable mention prizes will be awarded as appropriate.
Projects must have been undertaken after June 2014 and completed by July 2015.
Links to winning projects will be publicized online.

Submit entries via url or pdf copy (if the entry isn’t online). Include a written description of the project, why it deserves special attention, contact information, and name(s) for award. All entries must carry the name of the professor in whose class it was done.

The projects may have been completed for print or Web, or as a combination of both. If print only, a pdf copy of the entire project must be supplied. It is urged, but not required, that those pdfs be put online so that a url may be supplied to the award judges.
Academic organizations are limited to no more than three entries overall.
Deadline: Tuesday, July 8, 2015, midnight Pacific Time.
Send entries to:

2015 Educator of the Year: Brian Carroll

The Newspaper and Online News Division is delighted to award Brian Carroll, professor and chair of the Department of Communication at Berry College, its Educator of the Year Award for 2015 at the national AEJMC convention in San Francisco in August.

The award honors professors for outstanding achievement in preparing journalism students, advancing journalism education, and promoting career development.

Brian Carroll (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) has an outstanding record as a journalism teacher. From 2011 to 2015, he was the head of Berry College’s honors program. In addition to a wide range of journalism courses at Berry College, Dr. Carroll taught in 2006 in the IEIMedia program in Italy, a high-quality study-abroad program, and has led a three-member faculty team every other summer since 2006 teaching digital storytelling in international contexts as part of the International Multimedia Reporting Practicum. He has taught with the European Council University System of Georgia since 2011. For the past several years, he has also taught an online journalism course for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his alma mater.  Dr. Carroll works hard to include professionals in his classes and constantly keeps up with changes in the industry, even though he has been out of the business for many years.

His former students and colleagues speak highly of Dr. Carroll’s teaching, advising, and scholarship alike. A media historian, Dr. Carroll has published four books and numerous book chapters and journal articles. His latest book, A Devil’s Bargain: The Black Press and Black Baseball, 1915-1955, will be published next month.

Presentation of the Educator of the Year award will take place during the Newspaper and Online News Division members’ meeting on Friday, Aug. 7, at 6:45 p.m. Please plan to join us in celebration there if at all possible.

His most immediate predecessors in this award are Carrie Brown-Smith, CUNY; Wilson Lowrey, Alabama; and Brian Brooks, Missouri.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Brian Carroll. His e-mail address is

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