AEJMC National Conference – Washington, D.C. 2018

The 2018 AEJMC National Conference will be held in Washington, D.C., August 6-9, 2018. More information, including the Call for Papers, will be available soon.

2017 Call for Papers
The Mass Communication and Society Division seeks research paper submissions from both faculty and students for the 2017 AEJMC national conference in Chicago, IL. Submissions to the Mass Communication and Society Division can be on any topic related to mass communication processes and effects with the goal of contributing to a theoretical base of knowledge. The Division accepts research submissions from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. Submissions should be consistent with the style and format of the journal “Mass Communication and Society.”

Papers should be submitted to only one competitive paper category in the Division: 1) Open Competition, 2) Student Competition, or 3) Moeller Competition. Papers must not be under consideration elsewhere for presentation or publication.

Submission Procedures: Individual paper submissions should not exceed 30 double-spaced pages (count and format includes title page, abstract, notes, references, tables, and figures). Double space all material including title page, abstract, text, quotations, acknowledgements, references, appendices, tables, figure captions and footnotes. All papers must be submitted in PDF format. Papers should follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (updated 6th ed.), have 1-inch margins, and use 12 point Times New Roman, Times or Arial font. Abstracts must be no more than 250 words. The title should be on the first page with page numbers and running heads on each page of text. Papers that include author-identifying information within the text, in headers, or within the embedded electronic file properties will be automatically rejected (review the instructions on the AEJMC website for stripping identifying information from the electronic file properties). Hard copy papers or papers submitted electronically to the Research Chair/Committee members will not be accepted.

Author-identifying information MUST NOT appear anywhere in the attached paper file. Identifying information includes (1) listing of authors’ names and/or affiliations, (2) references to authors’ previous work in a way that reveals authorship of the current work, and (3) links to authors’ websites, email addresses, or social media accounts. Inclusion of identifying information will result in automatic disqualification of the paper. Authors are solely responsible for checking the final uploaded version of their paper for any and all author identifying information.

Authorship: When submitting co-authored papers, permission to submit the paper should be sought and obtained from all authors on the paper prior to submission. Paper authorship cannot be added, deleted, or changed after review of the paper.

Author Information: In any one year, an individual can appear as author or co-author on a maximum of two (2) submitted research papers to the Division. If one individual appears as author or co-author on more than two (2) submitted research papers, the MCS Research Committee has the right to disqualify some or all of the papers in question. At least one author of an accepted faculty paper must attend the conference to present the paper. If student authors cannot be present, they must make arrangements for the paper to be presented by someone else. Failure to be present or provide a presenter for any paper will result in author(s) losing eligibility to submit to the Division for one year. The author(s) will also not be eligible to count that presentation on his/her vita. Authors of accepted papers are required to forward papers to discussants and moderators prior to the conference.

Author Identification: Completely fill out the online submission form with author(s) name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number and email address. All authors and co-authors, their institutional affiliations and contact information must be included WHEN REGISTERING on the online system. If there are three co-authors, for example, information about all three must be included in the registration.

Student Competition: Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to submit original research regarding any topic related to mass communication and society. For a paper to be considered for a student paper award, all of the authors must be students. The paper must be correctly submitted to the Student Competition category online. A faculty member as co-author automatically moves the paper to the Open Competition. At least one author of the winning paper is asked to attend the Mass Communication and Society business meeting to receive the award.

Moeller Student Paper Competition: Students who submit a paper written for a class during the previous year are eligible for the Mass Communication and Society Moeller Student Paper Competition. Moeller Competition papers must be nominated by the faculty member who taught the class. To nominate a student paper faculty should send an email verifying that the paper was completed for a class to the MCS Research Chair. Papers submitted for the Moeller Competition must clearly note the competition on the title page. Please remember that the Moeller Competition is separate from our Student Paper Competition. The paper must be correctly submitted to the Moeller Competition category online. At least one author of the winning paper is asked to attend the Mass Communication and Society business meeting to receive the award.

Open Competition: All other papers submitted to the Division will be reviewed in the Open Competition. At least one author of the winning paper is asked to attend the Mass Communication and Society business meeting to receive the award.

Top Paper Recognition: To acknowledge research excellence, the Division provides cash awards and waives one AEJMC conference registration fee for the top three winners in each research paper competition. All MCS research submissions, regardless of faculty or student authorship, are judged together as general papers. However, the top papers in the Open and Student categories are recognized separately. At least one author of each winning paper is asked to attend the Mass Communication and Society business meeting to receive their awards.

Research papers are judged based on the following:

  • Clarity of purpose;
  • Literature review;
  • Clarity of research method;
  • Appropriateness of research method;
  • Evidence as it relates to purpose of paper;
  • Evidence is clearly presented;
  • Evidence supports conclusions;
  • Writing and organization;
  • Relevance of focus of division; and
  • Significance of contribution to the field.

At the national conference, researchers will have an opportunity to present their work in one of three formats: traditional research panel presentations, scholar-to-scholar sessions (poster sessions) and high-density research presentations.

The deadline for research paper submissions to the 2017 AEJMC Conference (August 9-August 12 in Chicago, IL) is 11:59 p.m. CDT Saturday, April 1, 2017. For more information on the annual conference:

Authors are responsible for following the guidelines for paper submissions outlined in the AEJMC Uniform Paper Call and additional MCS guidelines listed in this call. For questions, please contact any of the members of the research committee: Research chair – Nan Yu (, 701-321-7300), Research associate chair – Masahiro Yamamoto (, 608-785-6703), Committee member – Azmat Rasul (, 850-524-5570), Committee member – Kalyani Chadha (, 301-512-3506).