Research Committee

Masahiro Yamamoto,
Research Chair


Azmat Rasul,
Research Associate Chair

The purpose of the Mass Communication and Society’s Research Committee is to foster the growth of knowledge regarding mass communication processes and effects. To this end,the Research Committee organizes and sponsors research paper submissions, competitions, and conference panels.

Our mission is to build and implement a culture of creating and sharing advanced knowledge of mass communication among scholars.

We seek research paper submissions from both faculty and students for the 2016 AEJMC national conference in Minneapolis, MN. Submissions to the Mass Communication and Society Division can be on any topic related to mass communication processes and effects with the goal of contributing to a theoretical base of knowledge. We accept research submissions from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives.

The research committee has a number of responsibilities. Most notably, we run the research competition for the MC&S division every year. This job entails a number of responsibilities. First, we are largely responsible for putting together a reviewer list every year. Second, we are in charge of assigning papers to the reviewers we have recruited for that year’s competition. We then go through the reviews and finalize which papers will be accepted to the conference. As part of determining which papers will be accepted, we also identify the top papers for our various awards (e.g., top student paper, top faculty paper, etc.). When the conference rolls around, we are also in charge of seeing if anyone doesn’t show up to present their papers.