Distinguished Educator Award

The Distinguished Educator Award is given each year to a member of MCS who has made a significant contribution to mass communication pedagogy. Please acknowledge professors whose teaching had a profound influence on you career by nominating them for this prestigious award.


Submit the nomination PDF to Awards Chair, Robert McKeever (robert.mckeever@sc.edu), by 11:59 EST on April 30, 2018.


The award winner will be selected by the Division Head, Teaching Committee, and Graduate Student Committee members and recognized at the Division Awards Luncheon at the national conference. This recognition includes the presentation of a plaque by the Teaching Chair, as well as a monetary award this year of $500. The winner will be asked to present an Honors Lecture at the MCS Division Awards Luncheon at the AEJMC annual conference. Winners will also be listed on the Division website.


• Carol Pardun, University of South Carolina, 2015
• S. Shyam Sundar, Penn State, 2014
• Jane D. Brown, U of North Carolina, 2013
• John C. Pollock, College of New Jersey, 2012
• Diana K. Martinelli, West Virginia, 2011
• Dennis Davis, Penn State, 2010
• David Rubin, Syracuse University, 2009
• Patricia Curtin, Oregon, 2008
• Pamela Shoemaker, Syracuse University, 2007
• Joe Foote, Oklahoma, 2006
• Michael Murray, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 2005