Melanie Sarge, Division Head

2017-2018 Goals:
Goal 1: Increase panel suggestions from MCS committees and members. As program chair this year, the number of panel suggestions I received surprised me. We received three from members, 2 from officers, and 1 from our PF&R chair (who is already supposed to be suggesting a couple as part of the position). I will encourage the teaching and PF&R committees to suggest 2 each and then encourage members and other officers to suggest panels across all three areas in hopes to receive 6 more. That would give us a total of 10 to post during the bidding process.

Goal 2: Increase applications for awards. This is simply an issue of poor promotional tactics and communication effort about the awards offered. Addressing this will involve having the committee create standard promotional materials and reminding them at what points throughout the year they should be sending out notices. Additionally, all awards should be promoted through all channels of communication. So it will be important for our communications committee to timely execute all communication they receive from the awards committee. It is clear from previous years that the more effort the committee puts into advertising the awards the greater the number of applications we receive.

Goal 3: Explore different models of mentorship for our graduate students. Last year we had a great turn out for the revitalization of our mentorship program, 9 mentee applications and 17 mentor applications. This year we had 1 mentee application and 1 mentor application. If this is not a continuous interest among faculty and students it is important we investigate other methods by which faculty and students across universities can build relationships.

Goal 4: Form and oversee subcommittee for funds. This committee will brainstorm ideas for what to do with MCS monies, put forth ideas to members, and have them vote at next year’s annual business meeting. I will also ensure that the endowment voted on in years past is actually created.