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Research in the AEJMC Law and Policy division presents a unique opportunity not only to contribute to the scholarly conversation about communications law but also to have an impact on the development and implementation of public policy.

Law and Policy Division members conduct research on topics as diverse as defamation, privacy invasion, copyright law, broadcast regulation and legal protections for newsgathering, among others. Much of this research is presented in peer-reviewed conference sessions of the Law and Policy division at AEJMC’s national and regional meetings. Some of the best research is published in the division’s journal, Communication Law and Policy, and in various other communications journals as well as law journals.

Given their unique experiences as communications professionals, scholars and legal advocates, division members make an important contribution to mass communications. In addition to presenting and publishing their research, our members have testified in legislative hearings on topics affecting communication. Additionally, many law-trained Law and Policy division members have represented communications clients in resolving legal issues. Some division members have been involved in filing amicus curiae, or friend-of-the-court, briefs in various state and federal courts, thus lending unique and valuable professional and legal perspectives on communications law issues before the nation’s courts.

Above all, those involved in the research functions of the division are committed to the discovery and dissemination of important truths about communications law that ultimately help society flourish through maximizing expression while recognizing certain legitimate government interests in regulation. We look forward to your contribution!


Jason Martin
Research Chair, Law and Policy Division, 2015-2016

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