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Professional freedom and responsibility within AEJMC is a broad, progressive concept with very practical implications.  It concerns itself with five key areas:

  1. Free expression
  2. Ethics
  3. Media criticism and accountability
  4. Racial, gender and cultural inclusiveness
  5. Public service

Practically, and of importance to all AEJMC Law and Policy division members, the AEJMC Code of Ethics suggests that all within AEJMC adhere to guidelines springing from each of the five areas: Members should nurture and protect freedom of expression at all levels; support and promote ethical behavior; foster media criticism and accountability; encourage and recognize racial, gender and cultural inclusiveness; and make public service contributions.  Moreover, the Law and Policy division, like each division within AEJMC, is expected to report to the AEJMC Standing Committee on Professional Freedom and Responsibility each year and explain how the division has met the Standing Committee’s expectations in those five areas. This is the job of the division’s PF&R Chair.  As a part of this, the Chair oversees the division’s contributions to scholarly and professional dialogue in the five key areas and may suggest events such as a writing competition or programming with a focus on any PF&R area.  The Chair may also author or solicit newsletter articles with a related theme.

These events, writings and other examples help prove that the Law and Policy division has met the Standing Committee’s mandate that each division “show intellectual leadership” within free expression, ethics, media criticism, inclusiveness and public service.


Jonathan Peters

PF&R Chair, Law and Policy Division, 2017-2018

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