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Past Division Heads

Courtney Barclay, Jacksonville University, 2016-2017

Dan Kozlowski, St. Louis University, 2015-2016

Daxton “Chip” Stewart, Texas Christian University, 2014-2015

Derigan Silver, University of Denver, 2013-2014

Kathy Olson, Lehigh University, 2012-2013

David Cuillier, University of Arizona, 2011-12

Amy Gajda, Tulane University, 2010-11

Charles N. Davis, Univerisity of Missouri – Columbia, 2009-2010

Edward L. Carter, Brigham Young University, 2008-09

Elizabeth Blanks Hindman, Washington State University, 2007-08

Jennifer Jacobs Henderson, Trinity University, 2006-07

Anthony L. Fargo, Indiana University, 2005-06

Karen Markin, University of Rhode Island, 2004-05

Penny Summers, Northern Kentucky University, 2003-04 (filling the term of the late Michael K. Perkins, Brigham Young University)

Penny Summers, Northern Kentucky University, 2002-03

Susan Dente Ross, Washington State University, 2001-02

Sandra Chance, 2000-01

Matthew D. Bunker, 1999-2000

Barbara Petersen, 1998-99

Sandy Davidson, 1997-98

Roy Moore, 1996-97

Louise Hermanson, 1995-96

Gregory Lisby, 1993-94

Kyu Ho Youm, 1992-93

Ruth Walden, 1991-92

David Pritchard, Indiana University, 1990-91

Wat Hopkins, 1989-90

Dru Riley, 1988-89

Jon Dilts, 1987-88

Whitney Mundt, 1986-87

Robert Drechsel, 1985-86

Steven J. Helle, 1984-85

T. Barton Carter, 1983-84

Jay B. Wright, 1982-83

Kent Middleton, 1981-82

Bill Chamberlin, 1980-81

Charlene Brown, 1979-80

Cliff Lawhorne, 1978-79

David Gordon, 1977-78

David Grey, 1976-77

David Grey, 1975-76

Donald Gillmor, 1974-75

Dwight Teeter, 1973-74

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