ICD Meetings

International Communication Division

San Francisco, CA
August 7, 2015
8:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.

  1. WELCOME AND Call to Order
  1. Outgoing division head, Emily Metzgar calls meeting to order
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Metzgar introduces division leadership

Vice Head
Jeannine Relly
University of Arizona

Research Chair
Ammina Kothari
Rochester Institute of Technology

Markham Chair
Mohammed al Azdee
University of Bridgeport

PF&R Committee Chair
Lindita Camaj
University Houston

Jatin Srivastava
Ohio University

Teaching Standards Chair
Joe Weber
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Membership Chair
Kevin Grieves
Whitworth University
Newsletter Editor
Anna Popkova
University of Minnesota

Website Editor
Rodrigo Zamith
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

CSW Liaison
Tania Rosas-Moreno
Loyola University Maryland

  1. Division head, Emily Metzgar, introduces current vice-head Jeannine Relly, and passes the chair to Relly, from The University of Arizona
  1. Attendance
  • Announcement of attendance sheet
  • Call for approval of minutes from the 2014 business meeting, prepared by Jatin Srivastava, ICD secretary
  • Relly acknowledgement of past ICD presidents in attendance

3.1             Report on conference activities from out-going chair, Metzgar

Division health

  • 272 paid members


  • 74 reviewers
  • 121 submitted papers (73 faculty, 48 student)


  • 6 peer refereed research sessions
  • 1 invited teaching sessions
  • 3 invited PF&R sessions
  • 1 Global Bridges session co-sponsored with PR Division


  • Tour of AJ+ on Friday, August 7 @ 11:00 a.m.
  • Group dinner (no-host) on Saturday, August 8 6:30 p.m. @ Fang Restaurant

3.2             Report from Membership Chair, Kevin Grieves

3.3             Report from Teaching Chair, Joe Weber

3.4             Considering the parameters of ICD for the purposes of defining appropriate subject matter for paper competition. Should ICD refine its parameters? Discussion and possible vote.


4.1             Incoming chair, Relly presides over the selection and voting of the new officers for ICD

  • Vice head (nomination and vote)
  • Research Chair (nomination)
  • Markham Competition Research Chair
  • PF&R chair
  • Secretary
  • Teaching Standards Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Newsletter editor
  • Digital Editor/Chair
  • Social Media Coordinator /Chair
  • CSW Liaison
  • Research Liaison for Asia (can be broken into subregions)
  • Research Liaison for Europe (northern, southern, eastern and western regions)
  • Research Liaison for Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Research Liaison for Middle East and North Africa
  • Research Liaison for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Research Liaison for Oceania
  1. Research

5.1             Reviewers – recognition – Thank Yusuf Kalyango Jr.’s Institute for International Journalism at Ohio University for reviewer gift cards.

5.2             Report from Kalyango, editor of International Communication Research Journal, the journal of the International Communication Division

5.3             Robyn Goodman upcoming WJEC conference announcement

5.3             Emily Metzgar announces AEJMC Southeast Colloquium to be held at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge from March 3-5, 2016.

The pre-conference and welcome reception will be held on March 3. The papers won’t be due until December, and if a paper is accepted to the Southeast Colloquium, it is still eligible to be submitted to the main 2016 AEJMC conference in Minneapolis. More details are coming soon.

  1. Awards

6.1             Relly initiation of the award distribution process. Kothari presents the awards to the winners of Robert L. Stevenson Competition and awards for Markham Student Competition

6.2             Relly presentation of awards for the AEJMC ICD International

Multimedia News story competition

6.3             Relly presents African Journalism Studies award.

6.4             Charles T. Salmon from Nanyang Technological University presents the Asian Journal of Communication Award.

6.5             Latino and Latin American Research Award

Presentation by Dean Raul Reis and Leonardo Ferreira of Florida International University, which sponsored the award.

Robert L. Stevenson Competition awards     

First place: Sex trafficking in Thai media: A content analysis of issue framing, Meghan Sobel, Regis University

 Second place: Do demographics matter? Individual differences in perceived news media corruption in Serbia, Ivanka Pjesivac, University of Georgia

 Third Place: Liberation technology? Understanding a community radio station’s social media use in El Salvador, Summer Harlow, Florida State University

Markham Student Competition

First place: Reporting in Latin America: Issues and perspectives on investigative journalism in the region, Magdalena Saldana, The University of Texas at Austin, and Rachel Mourao, The University of Texas at Austin

Second place: Linguistic abstractness as a discursive microframe: LCM framing in international reporting by American news, Josephine Lukito, Syracuse University

Third Place: Spotlight on Qatar: A framing analysis of labor rights issues in the news blog Doha News, Elizabeth A. Lance, Northwestern University in Qatar; Ivana Vasic, Independent; Rhytha Zahid Hejaze, Northwestern University in Qatar

AEJMC ICD International Multimedia News story competition

First place: Refugees watching the Iraqi divide from afar,

Christine Rushton, Syracuse University

Second Place: The Islamic State and the Yazidis: Attack on Sinjar, Collin Krizmanich, Michigan State University

Third Place: Fostering Estonia Enterprise, Kelsey Husnick, Kent State University.

African Journalism Studies Journal Best Paper Award

Africa rising: An analysis of emergent mass communication scholarship in Africa from 2004-2014, Ben Wasike, University of Texas Brownsville

Asian Journal of Communication Award

Advocating social stability and territorial integrity: The China Daily’s framing of the Arab Spring, Jae Sik Ha, University of Illinois-Springfield; and Donghee Shin, Sungkyunkwan University

Latino and Latin American Research Award

First place: Reporting in Latin America: Issues and perspectives on investigative journalism in the region, Magdalena Saldana, The University of Texas at Austin; Rachel Mourao, The University of Texas at Austin

Second place:  To share or not to share: The influence of news values and topics on popular social media content in the U.S., Brazil, and Argentina, Victor Garcia, The University of Texas at Austin; Ramón Salaverría,  University of Navarra, Danielle Kilgo, The University of Texas at Austin; Summer Harlow,  Florida State University

Second place:  Latino youth, digital media and political news, Regina Marchi, Rutgers University

Third Place: Online networking and protest behaviors in Latin America,

Rachel Mourao, The University of Texas at Austin; Shannon McGregor, The University of Texas at Austin; Magdalena Saldana, The University of Texas at Austin

Third Place: How Twitter users framed Sebastien de la Cruz’s anthem singing at the 2013 NBA Finals, Melita Garza, Texas Christian University


Call to audience for brief reports or announcements?

8 Adjournment

Incoming Division Chair Relly thanks all in attendance. Final comments.

Relly calls for meeting to be adjourned.