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ICD Call for Panel Proposals for AEJMC 2014 in Montreal

The AEJMC International Communication Division is now accepting panel proposals for the 2014 Convention in Montreal, Canada, Aug. 6-9. (Click here to view a PDF version of the 2014 Call for ICD proposals)

The deadline for panel proposals is October 4. Panel proposals must include:

  1. A working title and panel description.
  2. A statement of whether the panel would be a Teaching, Research or Professional Freedom and Responsibility panel. PF&R panels focus on free expression, ethics, media criticism and accountability, racial/gender/cultural inclusiveness or public service. (For 2014, we are especially interested in receiving proposals focused on Teaching.)
  3. Suggestions for divisions or interest groups that might be interested in co-sponsoring the panel. (Please indicate whether you have been in touch with the potential co-sponsoring division, interest group or commission.) Panels including co-sponsoring divisions/interest groups/commissions have a better chance of being accepted, because they are likely to be of wider interest at the convention and give the division a chance to take part in more sessions.
    You should submit your proposal to only one division, and we invite you to submit it to the ICD. For ideas on co-sponsoring opportunities, you can find a list of divisions and groups at If your panel is chosen for presentation with a co-sponsoring division, interest group or commission you will work with a representative from the co-sponsor to make sure that the interests of both divisions/interest groups are represented on the panel.
  4. A statement about why the panel’s topic is important.
  5. A brief description of issues the panelists could discuss.
  6. Names or descriptions of possible panelists. If you have specific people in mind, please identify them. Firm commitments are not needed, but it helps to know if those people would be willing to serve. If you don’t have names, say what type of panelist you are aiming for – a scholar with a particular expertise or someone from a particular media company. AEJMC tracks diversity among panelists, moderators and discussants, so please keep that in mind when planning. Limited funds for travel reimbursement are available for panel participants who are not AEJMC members. The deadline for those requests is late January. Whenever possible, please try to find local panelists or AEJMC members whom you expect will be attending the convention anyhow.
  7. Your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.

Please send proposals as attachments to the appropriate ICD point of contact as listed below:

The division’s main area of focus is international aspects of journalism and mass communication. ICD sponsored or co-sponsored panels on the following subjects at the 2013 convention in Washington, DC:

  • Journalists Under Fire: Latest Research and Trends about Violence and Censorship against Journalists around the World
  • Beyond the Border:  Teaching Journalism in the US and Mexico
  • Truth and Accuracy in Terminology: Toward Improving Journalism about Immigrants and Immigration
  • Public Diplomacy Research in Journalism & Mass Communication: What We Can Contribute
  • Social Media and International News Reporting: Responses and Case Studies
  • Cyberactivism: Slacktivism or Digital Citizenship?
  • Press Freedom Principles: Do They Work in the Middle East?
  • Reporting Africa: The Paradigmatic and Diachronic Dynamics

The complete AEJMC 2013 program is available at:

Selection of panel proposals for 2014 will be made based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the proposal to the ICD
  • Diversity of the proposal including: institutional, regional, gender, methodology, etc.
  • Originality and creativity of the proposal
  • Potential for co-sponsorship with other AEJMC divisions or interest groups
  • Number of panel proposals that the ICD is allowed to include in the conference program

Thank you, and we look forward to your submissions!