Call for Proposals for ICIG Panels at AEJMC 2016 in Minneapolis, MN.

Call for Proposals for ICIG Panels at AEJMC 2016 in Minneapolis, MN.
Deadline: Please email proposals by October 1, 2016 to:
Erica Clarke, Director of Career Services/Instructor of Communication
The Pennsylvania State University, Greater Allegheny
Vice Head of ICIG

Hello ICIG members,

Welcome to a new year!  It was a great pleasure to connect with so many of you in San Francisco in August. We had some extremely successful panels and paper presentations and sparked great discussion among so many about the key concerns of internships among undergraduate students.  We were also very happy to enjoy some of the highest attendance at our presentations for the past few years!  Now it is time to plan for the AEJMC 2016 Conference in Minneapolis, MN!

The officers of ICIG are seeking suggestions for joint-panels in the areas of Professional Freedom & Responsibility (PF&R) and Teaching. We are particularly interested in joint-panels that span divisions, as co-sponsored panels are the norm, and the more mutual interest a panel drives in a co-sponsoring division, the more likely it is to be scheduled. With this in mind, please consider focusing your ideas on either or both of the ICIG interests – Internships and/or Careers.

We can’t guarantee that every panel idea will ultimately be adopted, but sending your ideas along will definitely help in putting together a roster of joint-panels that reflects the interests and strengths of our Interest Group with those of other IGs and Divisions.

During this year’s conference we were able to begin discussions with other divisions about co-sponsoring pre-conferences as well as panel discussions on the following topics:

  • PRE-CONFERENCE (hosted by ICIG) – NUTS AND BOLTS OF DEVELOPING A SUCCESSFUL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM. If you have resources that you would like to share for the participant packet (contracts, timesheets, PPTs, etc) or if you would like to serve as a panel speaker, please let Erica know.
  • PANEL (co-hosted with PR) – WORK/LIFE BALANCE: HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE DEEP END WITH NO FLOATIES.  This panel is looking for speakers from recently completed PhD student to senior level faculty/department chairs to discuss the critical needs of protecting your personal life and research abilities at each level of your career.  We will discuss the changing climate of the academic environment, where less and less people are doing more and more work.
  • PANEL (co-hosted with MAC and LGBTQ) – THE SAGA OF UNDERREPRESENTATION: HOW TO OVERCOME THE LACK OF DIVERSITY IN COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENTS.  We are all well aware that while our majors are growing, we still suffer with a disproportionate number of people of difference applying to and succeeding in our majors as undergraduate/graduate students or even faculty.  What is the REAL ISSUE?  What are we missing?  We are seeking panelists to share personal stories as well as research on this subject matter to help us create welcoming spaces in our departments.
  • PANEL (co-hosted with ELECTRONIC NEWS) – UNPAID INTERNSHIPS PART 3: CAN MEDIA OUTLETS SURVIVE WITHOUT THEM?  Recent lawsuits have seen many companies change their internship programs.  Many are offering paid positions but many are also eliminating their programs.  Film, TV and Electronic News cannot afford to pay interns but also cannot eliminate their intern programs due to their declining numbers.  What will become of those internship programs if there is continuing pressure to pay interns?

If you would like to be a part of any of these or EVEN BETTER – propose a NEW joint-panel, please send the following information, listed below, by email (to by the deadline of October 1, 2015:

ICIG Call for Joint-Panel Proposals for AEJMC 2015

The Internship and Careers Interest Groups members are requested to kindly submit joint-panel proposals for PF&R or Teaching Panels for AEJMC 2016 in Minneapolis, MN.  The joint-panel proposals must list the following:

  1. A brief title for the session, along with your name and contact
  1. An indication of which area (Teaching or PF&R) the panel Professional freedom and responsibility (PFR) covers Free Expression; Ethics; Legal Issues; Racial, Gender, and Cultural Inclusiveness; and Public Service. Teaching standards panels would focus on such things as standards of academic and professional preparation for teachers in the field, curriculum development, teaching modes, and standards of faculty-administration relationships.
  1. A paragraph describing the intended content of the Please outline the specific issues of interest that you believe the panelists will address/discuss, and offer some insight as to how these discussions will be topical and worthwhile for the 2014 convention.
  1. Suggestions about specific panelists who might be able to serve on the Be sure to include panelists from other AEJMC divisions, as we will be working to seek co-sponsors from other divisions in other to schedule the panels. It is a good idea to seek such prospective panelists out over the next couple of weeks to hammer out the common interest themes for the panel before submitting the proposal. Please provide a list of names and contact information for all prospective panelists.
  1. Suggestions for divisions or interest groups who might consider co-sponsoring the panel with us. Given the limited number of chips available to ICIG, it will be important to propose panels that drive interest in other divisions – and listing those divisions as possible co-sponsors here will help focus our attention when negotiating the Please provide the contact information for the proposed co-sponsoring division or interest group’s programming chair.

The lists of all AEJMC Divisions in available online at: The list of all AEJMC Interest Groups is available online at:  groups/

Thanks again for all your assistance and attention in this matter! Please send all proposals by email to

Erica Clarke, Vice Head of ICIG – Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication

John Chapin, Head of ICIG – Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication

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