Teaching Columns

Clio includes a column from the teaching standards chair in each issue. Here is a collection of columns.

A Course in African American History Goes North – And Hits Home – Summer 2016

Online Videos Make Journalism History Accessible – Spring 2016

Helping Students Explore Nuances of ‘Press Freedom’ – Winter 2016

Silence as a Strategy Toward Inclusive Teaching – Fall 2015

History, Types I and II – Summer 2015

Making the Past ‘Relatable’ – Spring 2015

An Appreciation: Fred Farrar (1918-2014) – Winter 2015

Making a Case for Higher Ed (and Our Place in It) – Fall 2014

The Bipolar Synthesis: Journalism in the Academy – Summer 2014

Wading into ‘Riptide’: A Digital Archive About the Evolution of Digital Online Media – Spring 2014

Judging a Textbook by What it Covers – Winter 2014

GIFT: Giving from Classroom to Convention to Classroom – Fall 2013

Beethoven, a Bank and Dove Soap – Summer 2013

The Epistemology of the iPhone: Wait a Minute, Mister (Neil) Postman – Spring 2013

Introducing Life Stories Into Intro Classes – Winter 2013

Off to Camp: Teaching About Learning, Learning About Teaching – Fall 2012

The King Kong Class: When Size Matters and Strategies to Deal With it – Summer 2012

The Power of the Cohort, the Power of the Small Group – Spring 2012

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