Syllabi and Teaching Materials

University of South Carolina – Kathy Forde
Jour804 – Mass Communication Historical Research Methods (graduate)
Jour563B – The African American Freedom Struggle and the Mass Media

Indiana University – David Nord
J650 – History and Philosophy of the Media (graduate)

Indiana University – Mike Conway
J450 – History of Journalism

North Dakota State University – Ross Collins
Comm421/621 – History of Journalism

Creighton University – Eileen Wirth
JRM335 – History of American Media

SUNY Buffalo State – Joe Marren
Com410 – History of Mass Communication
Com410 – Assignment 1 African American Press
Com410 – Assignment 2 Empire of the Air
Com410 – Assignment 2 Talking Points
Com410 – Assignment 3 “Good Night, and Good Luck”
Com410 – Assignment 4 The Clouds

Boston University – Chris Daly
Jo357 – Journalism History and Principles
Jo525 – Precedents & Principles: Journalism’s History, Law and Ethics
J0530 – Drafts of History: Journalism and Revisionism
Periods in American Journalism
A Timeline of American Journalism
Major Legal Issues in American Journalism
Online Resources
Suggested Readings

University of Oregon – Tom Bivins
J387 – Communication History

Grand Valley State University – Len O’Kelly
CBR240 – Survey of Electronic Media

University of Missouri – Yong Volz
J3000 – History of American Journalism
J8030 – History of Mass Media (graduate)

University of Missouri – Keith Greenwood
J4568 – History of Photojournalism syllabus
J4568 – History of Photojournalism schedule
J4568 – History of Photojournalism assignment
J4568 – History of Photojournalism assignment

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