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Take a break with the Winter edition of Clio

Just in time for post-grading reading (or maybe a break from grading), the Winter 2018 edition of Clio is now available.

In this issue:

  • With the 2017 annual convention still fresh, history division chair Doug Cumming has a look ahead to programming for the 2018 convention in Washington, DC. There also are details about a proposed off-site convention workshop at the Library of Congress.
  • An update on the efforts to adopt Journalism History as the History Division’s journal.
  • Suggestions from PF&R Chair Melita Garza for incorporating Native American media into media history.
  • Co-graduate student liaison Christopher Frear shares characteristics of a great mentor.
  • An excerpt from Sid Bedingfield’s book Newspaper Wars: Civil Rights and White Resistance, 1935-1965.
  • And details on the 2018 Joint Journalism and Communication History Conference. The paper submission deadline is January 4.

And more!

You can find the Winter 2018 edition on the Clio page, or you can go directly to the Winter 2018 edition.

Look back at the annual convention with the Fall Clio

Need a memory refresh on History Division activities from the annual convention? The latest issue of Clio, the History Division newsletter, has you covered with a full rundown of the minutes of the division business meeting and photographs from different division activities in Chicago.

There’s much more in the fall issue. One of the issues the division is considering is adopting Journalism History as the official division journal. Clio Editor Teri Finneman has a rundown on the  state of the transition. With a vote to adopt the journal, an appeal has been presented to division members for financial support of Journalism History during the transition. Read more about the process in this issue.

Also in this issue:

  • New division head Doug Cumming shares some thoughts on fake news and the importance of truth.
  • Teaching chair Kristin L. Gustafson considers the role of mentors in fostering teaching excellence.
  • An excerpt from The Common Cause: Creating Race and Nation in the American Revolution by Robert G. Parkinson, the winner of the division book award.
  • And there are plenty of news and updates about division members.

You can download the fall issue from the Clio page or go directly to the Fall 2017 issue.

Summer Clio features convention preview

Just in time to add to your summer reading list, the latest issue of Clio is here!

The summer issue has a rundown of History Division sessions at the upcoming annual convention in Chicago and profiles of the winners of the Book Award and the Covert Award. Make a note that the division members meeting is at 7pm on Friday, August 11.

Also in this issue:

  • Division head Michael Sweeney has thoughts on the role the annual convention plays in the circle of life of a scholar.
  • Frank Fee has an update from the committee exploring whether the division should take over the journal Journalism History.
  • PF&R Chair Tracy Lucht addresses how journalism historians could respond to attacks on press freedom.
  • An excerpt from Jason Peterson’s book Full Court Press: Mississippi State University, the Press, and the Battle to Integrate College Basketball.

And lots more!

Grab a glass of lemonade and the Summer issue of Clio. You can download the issue from the Clio page, or go directly to the Summer issue.

Spring into the latest edition of Clio

Spring has returned, and with it another edition of Clio, the History Division newsletter.

In this edition, division head Michael S, Sweeney has the results of a survey asking members whether the division should take over Journalism History as the journal of the division. Research chair Douglas Cumming draws on personal experience and his father’s files to illustrate how the practice of journalism also gives our students skills that are valuable in their general college education. You’ll also find an excerpt of the book The Black Newspaper and the Chosen Nation by Benjamin Fagan of Auburn University.

And if you need a check on the paper call for the annual convention, you’ll find it in Clio as well.

Take a break from the paper deadline and enjoy spring with Clio. You can download it from the Clio page, or you can go directly to the Spring issue.

Winter 2017 Clio has lots of “uses”

We know journalism history is a useful topic, but the Winter 2017 edition of Clio in particular offers plenty of uses of journalism history for readers to consider.

Division chair Michael S. Sweeney reflects on using lessons of history to process the 2016 presidential election. Teaching chair Kristin L. Gustafson interviewed the University of Missouri’s Earnest Perry about history’s role in teaching reporting so that students can connect current events with the ones that preceded it. And PF&R chair Tracy Lucht reflects the role of teaching journalism history online for improving information literacy.

Newsletter editor Erika Pribanic-Smith also has included co-graduate student liaison Robert Greene II’s suggestions for graduate teaching assistants about using multimedia and a profile on history division member Dianne Bragg by Will Mari.

You can view the Winter 2017 Clio here, or you can download it from the Clio page.

Fall 2016 Clio features convention roundup

The Fall 2016 edition of Clio is ready for downloading.

This issue features a roundup of History Division activities at the annual AEJMC convention in Minneapolis, including the minutes of the annual division members meeting. The issue also features a couple of pages of photographs of members participating in convention activities.

In addition to the convention roundup, new division head Mike Sweeney outlines some possible options for a relationship between the division and the Journalism History journal, PF&R chair Tracy Lucht provides some historical context of harassment faced by women in broadcasting, and the member spotlight features Jane Marcellus of Middle Tennessee State University.

You can view the Fall 2016 issue of Clio here, or you can find it on the Clio page.

Convention preview in the Summer issue of Clio

16summercliothumbIf you’re looking for a rundown of History Division activities at the August AEJMC convention, look no further than the Summer issue of Clio.

The summer issue has a complete list of the paper and poster sessions (and the time of the division business meeting), there’s also a complete list of accepted papers.

Also in the summer issue you’ll find: thoughts from Division Head Kimberly Wilmot Voss about pursuing histories that add more voices that have been in the margins, suggestions for pursuing grant opportunities from PF&R chair Tracy Lucht and an excerpt from a book about the use of images in environmentalism. You can also catch up with what other History Division members have been doing in the News and Notes section.

You can download the Summer 2016 issue of Clio here or from the Clio page.

Get your Spring Clio here

The Spring 2016 Clio is hot off the press and ready to download.

Editor Doug Cummings has roundups from two media history gatherings and an excerpt from Leonard Teel’s book Reporting the Cuban Revolution as well as columns from History Division officers. Teaching Standards chair Kristin L. Gustafson presents some video resources for teaching journalism history while PF&R chair Tracy Lucht writes about race and the practice of journalism. Membership co-chair Teri Finneman has an outline of a celebration of media history to take place April 4-8. In the Generations of Scholars column, Paula Hunt interviews Andie Tucher. Division head Kimberly Wilmot Voss shares ideas for travel grants to support archival research, and you’ll find awards information, including the Sidney Kobre Award for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism History, the Distinguished Service to Journalism History Award and  American Journalism‘s Rising Scholar Award.

Read and download Clio here, or from the Clio page.

Clio ready for winter reading

The Winter 2016 edition of Clio, the History Division newsletter, is ready for your winter’s reading.

In this issue, History Division chair Kimberly Wilmot Voss makes historical connections to today’s social media and PF&R chair Tracy Lucht provides arguments for the value of journalism history in the face of a changing industry. Teaching Standards chair Kristin L. Gustafson’s column about helping students explore the nuances of press freedom incorporates an encounter between a student photographer and protestors at the University of Missouri this past fall, and guest columnist Berkley Hudson writes about the events at Missouri and his role as chair of an ad hoc race relations committee at the university. You’ll also find a Generations of Scholars conversation with Carolyn Kitch, news about member activities and awards and a list of all History Division members.

Download the Winter 2016 Clio here or from the Clio page.

Fall 2015 Clio marks milestone

Clio, the History Division newsletter, marks a milestone. The Fall 2015 Clio is the first issue of volume 50!

The Fall issue features a wrap-up of division activities at the August AEJMC convention in San Francisco, including minutes of the annual members business meeting,an outline of the History Division goals for this year and photographs of members at division activities.

New Division Head Kim Voss considers diversity of location in history by studying local history. New PF&R Chair Tracy Lucht offers thoughts pairing history research with presentations by professionals. New membership co-chairs Carrie Teresa and Teri Finneman have some ideas for you to consider for sharing expertise and recruiting new members.

There is also an excerpt from History Division Book Award winner Matthew Cecil’s book about J. Edgar Hoover.

An updated feature with the Fall 2015 Clio is working hyperlinks with the PDF file. As you read, you will be able to click on the links within the text to go directly to online resources instead of copying and pasting URLs.

Download the Fall 2015 Clio here, or from the Clio page.