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The History Division is one of the original divisions of AEJMC, having been established in 1966.

The History Division’s 400 members conduct research into a variety of topics related to the journalism and mass communication industry, including but not limited to:

  • the newspaper industry (newspapers, editors, publishers, and reporters).
  • the broadcasting and cable industry (individual networks, stations, anchors, and reporters).
  • photojournalism and photography.
  • advertising (advertising agencies, practitioners, campaigns).
  • public relations ( agencies, corporations, campaigns, practitioners, techniques and tactics).

Some History Division members focus on the history of media relationships with the government and other power-wielding entities, and some members focus on the histories of technologies from the printing press, the telegraph and the typewriter, to the Internet.

The History Division works closely with the scholarly journals Journalism History and Media History Monographs and many Division members contribute to American Journalism, a scholarly journal published by the American Journalism Historians Association.

The History Division is known for collegiality among its members and for its lively online quarterly newsletter, Clio Among the Media. The newsletter considers a variety of issues related to the Division and encourages contributions from its members.

Join the History Division by completing the AEJMC membership form or by joining AEJMC online. Select “History Division” in the list of AEJMC divisions.

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