About Us

GSIG (formerly known as the Graduate Education Interest Group) was created in 1991 by graduate students who were concerned about addressing graduate issues and representation within the larger body of the AEJMC. Today our membership includes graduate students and faculty who are interested in sharing resources and improving the quality of graduate education in journalism and mass communication. Our name was officially changed to the Graduate Student Interest Group (GSIG) at the 2011 AEJMC annual meeting.

While a substantial portion of our graduate student-centered programming takes place at the annual AEJMC national convention, GSIG also participates in the AEJMC Midwinter Conference in order to enable even more graduate students to present research in a conference setting. One of the best features of GSIG is that it is exclusively run by graduate students and therefore is well-suited to serve our needs.

We encourage you to join and participate in our promising future.

2015-2016 Executive Committee

Head- Holly Cowart (University of Florida)

Vice Head/Programming Chair- Burton Speakman (Ohio University)

Research Chair- Nicholas Hirshon (Ohio University)

Asst. Research Chair- Chen Lou (Michigan State University)

Membership Chair- Stephanie Miles (University of Iowa)

PF&R Chair- Ginger Blackstone (University of Florida)

Teaching Chair- Lauren Furey (University of Florida)


If you are interested in running for a leadership position with GSIG, elections are held during our annual meeting at the AEJMC National Conference.  You must be a member of GSIG to be an officer.