Welcome to GSIG!

**The 2016 AEJMC Call for Papers has passed, but we still need your help reviewing papers for GSIG. Please consider participating in our peer review process!**

The Graduate Student Interest Group (formerly named the Graduate Education Interest Group-GEIG) provides support and representation for graduate students within AEJMC. The group was created in 1993 (renamed in 2011) by students dedicated to addressing graduate student issues and amplifying the graduate student voice within the larger body of the AEJMC. A substantial portion of the group’s graduate student-centered programming takes place at the annual AEJMC national convention.

Why should you join GSIG? Membership in GSIG offers many benefits that far outweigh the $7/year in dues, which is much lower than the dues for most AEJMC divisions and interest groups.

GSIG presentation session, AEJMC national conference at Washington, D.C., August, 2013

GSIG presentation session, AEJMC national conference at Washington, D.C., August, 2013

Opportunities to present research in a conference setting. While all AEJMC graduate students are eligible to submit research papers for our Midwinter and Annual Convention competitions, those students whose papers are selected for presentation will be asked to become members of GSIG. Our paper competition is unique because only graduate students are eligible to submit research, ensuring that your paper will be evaluated among papers from your peers and not from tenured faculty.

Networking with other grads and faculty. Participation in GSIG, as a member or an officer, allows you to meet and network with graduate students and faculty members from other universities.

Social events. GSIG often sponsors social events at the AEJMC Annual and Midwinter Conferences. At these events, you have an opportunity to get to know other grad students, share war stories, and make new friends.