The Electronic News (EN) Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) focuses on the teaching, practice, study and research of broadcast news as a profession. The division maintains close ties with professionals through other organizations of journalism and media educators, including the Radio-Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) and the Broadcast Education Association (BEA). EN’s members also individually maintain those ties as they train students to work in broadcast news and allied professions.

The EN Division of AEJMC was created in 1965 as the Radio-TV Journalism Division; members approved a name change in 2011. Its purpose is the improvement of education in electronic journalism. To this end, the Division has the following objectives:

1. To enhance the subject matter of courses related to radio-television journalism and encourage the effectiveness of teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

2. To foster research and inquiry in these and related areas of mass communication.

3. To promote a sense of public service, professional responsibility and freedom among practitioners in the radio-television industry and those in academe.

4. To stimulate close relationships between the teachers of these subjects and professional organizations and individuals.

5. To encourage the adoption and practice of high standards for teachers of these subjects, and an adequate system of rewards and assurances for teachers to support such standards.

6. To increase the understanding and awareness among professional and academic personnel of the importance of radio-television journalism in the communication process.

7. To attract to the study of these subjects a growing number of able students.

8. To plan a program annually at the AEJMC national convention to further the improvement of and the practice and advancement of radio-television journalism.

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