New discussion listserv

The Electronic News Division, in cooperation with the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture at Virginia Commonwealth University, is pleased to sponsor a discussion list for broadcast news professionals, academics and students. The list exists to provide a quick, efficient and inexpensive means of communication among division members and to provide a lively discussion forum for broadcast news issues.

From the email you use for this listserv:

To subscribe, email (with no message): SUBSCRIBE your name (Note: Not email; the list gets that from the email you’re sending from)

To unsubscribe, email (with no message): SIGNOFF

Once subscribed, to email the list:

You must post messages from the same address from which you subscribed. If your server adds subdomains, computer names, aliases, etc., to your posts, you might have a problem. Please notify the list manager if you do.

Changing internet service providers or job location often leads to new addresses, which can lead to a mess on the listserv. If you change your address, please unsubscribe from the old one and re-subscribe from the new one. If it’s too late and you are still subscribed from an old address you can’t access any more, send the list manager a personal note and we will manually take care of it.

AEJMC-END is an unmoderated email listserv. Please focus your postings to broadcast news issues or matters which might interest broadcast news professionals, educators or students. Remember that what you post goes to all subscribers.

When replying to a post, be careful to note if the email is the list email (so it goes to everyone) or just that person (if you want to email them directly). If you want to communicate only with specific subscribers, please e-mail them directly rather than post generally to the list.

Please send any questions to the list manager, Tim Bajkiewicz, tbajkiewicz(at)


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