2012 Award Winners

Barrow Scholarship

CT&M congratulates Rowena Briones, University of Maryland, for winning the 2012 Barrows Scholarship Award winner.

The scholarship honors the late Professor Lionel C. Barrow, Jr., of Howard University, in recognition of his pioneering efforts in support of minority education in journalism and mass communication. The award is designed to aid doctoral students in journalism or mass communication programs to complete their dissertation research and academic studies. The students’ work does not need to address issues of race.

The award is sponsored by the CT&M Division and is made possible in part through contributions from the Minorities and Communication Division, the Commission on the Status of Minorities and personal donations.

Briones will be recognized at the CT&M business meeting in Chicago August 11, 2012.

Article of the Year Award

The Communication Theory and Methodology division has announced the winner of the “Article of the Year” published in the division’s journal, Communication Methods & Measures. Klaus Krippendorff’s, University of Pennsylvania article “Agreement and Information in the Reliability of Coding,” appeared in Volume 5, Issue 2. Krippendorff will be recognized with an honorarium and certificate at the CT&M members’ meeting in Chicago on August 11, 2012.

One reviewer commented, “Krippendorff’s article starts with a review much needed in the field before it spends the last part of the article developing a new tool to complement the standard IR measures. It is also ably explained, accessible, needed in the field, and will probably be in wide use soon.”

Honorable mentions went to Teresa Myers, George Mason University, for her article, “Goodbye, Listwise Deletion: Presenting Hot Deck Imputation as an Easy and Effective Tool for Handling Missing Data,” which appeared in Volume 5, Issue 4. Another honorable mention recognized an article co-authored by Douglas Luke and Charlene Caburnay from Washington University, St. Louis, and Elisia Cohen, University of Kentucky. The article, “How Much is Enough? New Recommendations for Using Constructed Week Sampling in Newspaper Content Analysis of Health Stories” appeared in CM&M Volume 5, Issue 1.