Top Papers in the Open Call Competition

The top papers in the Open Call Competition for 2016 were:

1st Place

Yunjuan Luo, Hansel Burley, Alexander Moe (Texas Tech University), and Mingxiao Sui (Louisiana State University) for “A Meta-Analysis of News Media’s Agenda-Setting Effects, 1972-2015″

2nd Place

Jacob Rohde and Denis Wu (Boston University) for “Agreement between Humans and Machines? — A Reliability Check among Computational Content Analysis Programs”

3rd Place

Jessica Willoughby (Washington State University), Kelly L’Engle (University of San Francisco), Kennon Jackson (Sexual Health Initiatives for Teens), and Jared Brickman (Washington State University) for “Evaluating a Sexual Health Text Message Service Using Short Message Service (SMS) Surveys with Adolescents”