CMM Special Call: Communication Exposure in a Changing Environment

Communication Exposure in a Changing Environment

Call for papers for special issue of Communication Methods and Measures
Edited by Claes de Vreese & Peter Neijens
The Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR
University of Amsterdam

The measurement of how people are ‘exposed’ to media content, which is crucial for the understanding of media use and media effects, has been a challenge for a long time. On the one hand, today’s media landscape in which individuals are exposed to messages anytime, anywhere from a great variety of sources on an increasing number of different platforms has complicated the measurement of media exposure even more. On the other hand, the new digital media offer also new possibilities to map media exposure by means of passive measurement.


Our current thinking about exposure stems from a time with clearly demarcated media types, platforms, and limited choice. We propose that it is valuable to consider the term communication exposure as a heuristic for understanding, at a broader level, that exposure can entail exposure to different media, on different platforms, with different contents, in different combinations. As many of the distinctions between media blur, the concept of communication exposure may offer a more encompassing and comprehensive framework. This will have serious implications for our measurement of exposure.

In this special issue we invite submissions that deal with the conceptualization and measurement of exposure. These can be both theoretical and empirical in nature.

In the opening article, we identify recent developments in the way in which communication exposure is measured and we evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. We provide an overview of the development in published research in the major journals in the past decade drawing on media exposure measures. We also introduce a research tool for media exposure measurement and conclude with a research agenda for issues that need to be tackled in future research.

Submissions should follow CM&M submission guidelines, including the use of APA format, and should be submitted through the submission portal at

All manuscripts will undergo initial review by the editors and subsequent peer review. Manuscripts are due by June 1, 2015. In the cover letter, please indicate that you are submitting for consideration in the special issue on exposure.