• Eulalia Puig Abril has been awarded the 2010 Barrow Minority Doctoral Student Scholarship

Eulàlia Puig Abril has been awarded the 2010 Barrow Minority Doctoral Student Scholarship; the award is sponsored by the Communication and Theory Division of AEJMC and honors the late Professor Lionel C. Barrow, Jr., of Howard University, in recognition of his pioneering efforts in support of minority education in journalism and mass communication.

Awardees are chosen based on their capacity for making significant contributions to communication theory and methodology.

Congratulations, Lali!


Communication Methods and Measures became the official journal of the CT&M division in August 2006

Aims & Scope

The aims of Communication Methods and Measures are to bring developments in methodology, both qualitative and quantitative, to the attention of communication scholars, to provide an outlet for discussion and dissemination of methodological tools and approaches to researchers across the field, to comment on practices with suggestions for improvement in both research design and analysis, and to introduce new methods of measurement useful to communication scientists or improvements on existing methods. Submissions focusing on methods for improving research design and theory testing using quantitative and/or qualitative approaches are encouraged. Articles devoted to epistemological issues of relevance to communication research methodologies are also appropriate. This journal welcomes well-written manuscripts on the use of methods as well as articles illustrating the advantages of newer or less widely known methods over those traditionally used in communication.

Members of CT&M receive complimentary issues of the journal.

Latest issue of Communication Methods and Measures includes:
1- Evaluating factor Analysis Decisions for Scale Design in Communication Research John T. Morrison
2- Video Review: An Alternative to Coding Transcripts of Focus Groups Marla L. Clayman, Jennifer Webb; Amanda Zick; Kenzie A. Cameron; Lance Rintamaki; Gregory Makoul
3- Exposure, Attention, or “Use” of News? Assessing Aspects of the Reliability and Validity of a Central Concepts in Political Communication Research William P. Eveland Jr.; Myiah J. Hutchens; FeiShen.