Mentoring Initiative

CSW logo color croppedIn an effort to improve the success and advancement of women in the fields of journalism and mass communication, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) has launched a first ever Mentorship Project.  Its aim is to connect senior mentors with junior mentees—those women who are in the early to mid stages of their careers.

This is to encourage you to consider participating yourself.  Please also share this information widely with other women in AEJMC.  Please note that they do not have to be members of CSW to participate.  We would like for the first year to be a robust one for advancing women!

Following are some basic details:

Q. Who will participate?
A.  Mentees (junior colleagues) are envisioned to be only women.  Mentors (senior colleagues) are envisioned to be mainly female but males will be welcome, too.

Q. How will it work?
A.  The project will be coordinated by two senior scholars (“co-facilitators”).  They will receive the applications and negotiate the “match” between mentors and mentees.  Applications will be available on the CSW website as well as from both co-facilitators.

Q.  As a junior colleague, why might I want or need a mentor?
A.  Developing a research strategy, preparing a strong promotion or tenure file, problem-solving some specific issues in one’s department are some of the reasons you might seek a mentor.

Q.  If I want to be a mentor, what are the expectations?
A.  Mentors will be asked to assume responsibility for only one mentee at a time.  You will indicate on your application what you can and/or are willing to do in your mentor role.  All mentorship agreements will be finalized in writing (with a letter to each originating from the project co-facilitators) so both mentor and mentee can operate with clear guidelines.

Q.  How long will a mentorship last?
A.  Most will be 6 months to a year.

We invite you to complete one of the two applications—Senior Scholar Willing to be a Mentor, or Junior Scholar Seeking a Mentor, which are attached.

The co-facilitators of this open invitation are:

Carolyn Byerly (Howard University):

Anita Fleming-Rife (University of Northern Colorado):

CSW mentee application

CSW mentor application