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Update 2016 CSW Mentoring & Networking Luncheon Speakers at AEJMC Minneapolis

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We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2016 CSW Mentoring & Networking Luncheon at AEJMC on Saturday, Aug. 6, 12.15-1.30 pm. We had a slight change in speakers.

Mark Kappelhoff was recently appointed to be a state judge, so he cannot participate as speaker as planned. Therefore, John Choi, Ramsey County Attorney, will be speaking instead. He has led Minnesota’s most successful human trafficking busts, resulting in the longest sentences for pimps in Minnesota history.

Tania Cantrell Rosas-Moreno is our second speaker. She is an Assistant Professor in Latin American and Latino Studies at Loyola University Maryland and an expert in international communication and especially engaged with social justice issues at the intersection of  feminism and education. She is also the winner of the 2016 CSW Mary Ann Yodelis Smith Award for Feminist Scholarship!

This luncheon is going to be fantastic. We hope that many of you can make it. The fee is $48 and If you have not signed up yet for the luncheon, you can still do so when you pick up your registration materials in Minneapolis or when you register for the conference online. 

Send your news for the CSW Summer Newsletter by July 24

CSW logo color croppedDear Wonderful CSW Members

It’s time for our summer newsletter news gathering!

Please send any stories, events, division updates, promotions, awards and publications you would like us to include in the summer CSW newsletter. Make sure to include a high-resolution photo of yourself.

Please send your content by Sunday, July 24 to our Newsletter Officer Cindy Vincent at


Downloadable brief PDF guide to Minneapolis for #AEJMC16

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.49.52 AMOur annual conference in Minneapolis is less than a month away and  we are looking forward to seeing you all during AEJMC 2016.

For those of you who are new to Minneapolis and the Twin Cities we have a handy-dandy downloadable PDF guide to find your way around. It includes a map of the area, information on shopping attractions: museums; parks; restaurants, bakeries and cafes (including a price range); and pointers for venturing out into night life. Get ready to explore the Twin Cities!

Download the PDF of the guide via this link: Welcome to the Twin Cities

AEJMC 2016 Pre-Conference Teaching Online Media & Diversity Classes

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.00.13 PMAEJMC 2016 Pre-Conference

Teaching Online Media & Diversity Classes:
Pitfalls & Unique Opportunities Minorities & Communication Division and Commission on the Status of Women Workshop

Wed, August 3
1-5 p.m.
Fee: $8

Many college journalism instructors have experienced the challenge of  teaching and discussing often sensitive and provocative issues such as media depiction of race, gender, class and sexual orientation. Some instructors also have noted that teaching media and diversity classes totally online has its own set of challenges and unique rewards, often distinct from the face-to-face class setting. Primarily women and people of color teach courses focusing on multiculturalism and media. You will be hard pressed, for example, to find a heterosexual White male journalism administrator who has taught a media and diversity course.

A concern is that since at most schools these courses are taught by faculty of color, women and perhaps a handful of White men, administrators often may not have sufficient familiarity to relate to the challenges of teaching them. Another possible trepidation, is that some instructors teach large online media and diversity classes of several hundreds students that can intensify already sensitive course material interpretation, particularly with the intense pressure at many universities and colleges to offer a variety of online courses and degrees.

This panel will discuss critical challenges and unique opportunities in teaching online media and diversity courses, including a look at sensitive instructor experiences; rewarding and unique instructor experiences; ways to use social media in the course curriculum; U.S. social history awareness challenges for students located across the globe, the traditional 15-week versus 6-7 week course module; class size impact (from modest enrollments to MOOCs); “killing the messenger” influence on teacher evaluations; elective compared to required course factors, administrative support, and more.

To attend the workshop go to: For additional information regarding this workshop contact: Sharon Bramlett-Solomon, Arizona State University at or by phone at 480 980-2948. (MACD, CSWN)