Call for Papers 2016: Equity and Equality of Women in Communication: Are Women Getting There?

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CALL FOR PAPERS 2016: Equity and equality of women in communication: Are women getting there?

North Miami, Florida – Florida International University, April 21-22, 2016

It’s a decades-long discussion that even now has reached no consensus or conclusion: Where are women in the ranks of communication professions? What roles do women play in the reinvention of the media and communication industries? How are women portrayed in the various media? What is the potential role of women in leading social changes? The first Annual Conference titled “Equity and equality of women in communication: Are women getting there?” seeks to address those questions. We will discuss the research efforts and results that will focus on ways to advance and empower women in all communication facets including advertising, broadcasting, digital media, journalism and public relations.

Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts and Special Session Proposals Instructions:

Please submit five-page structured abstracts, competitive papers or special session proposals electronically to All manuscripts and special session proposals are to be submitted using a pdf document. Deadline for submission: March 1, 2016

Manuscripts should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style. Competitive research papers may be submitted either as a full paper or a five-page structured abstract – or you may submit a special session proposal. Five-page structured abstract submission should not exceed five single-spaced pages following the same style guidelines as above. Structured abstracts are a short version of the full research paper and should include an introduction, literature review, method, results discussion and conclusions–all presented in a succinct way. Including a reference list is optional and authors should indicate “References Available Upon Request” if no reference list provided.

Special session/panel proposals should contain a one-page description of the session, a one-page description of each presentation, and a 100-word bio of each speaker. Special session/panel proposals will be reviewed, and those rated as highest quality and most in keeping with the conference theme will be accepted for presentation. The program team

welcomes all ideas for presentations, workshops or other sessions that may be of interest to the Kopenhaver Center Fellows.

Please contact Dr. Sigal Segev to discuss your ideas before submitting your proposal.

We look forward to seeing you in Miami and engaging in the lively intellectual discussions and warm fellowship.

For more information contact: Dr. Sigal Segev, segevs@fiu.ed, Kopenhaver Center Associate Director for Research and Programs

More information on the Kopenhaver Center Website and Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.31.34 AMCall for Papers FIU Flyer.