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Our new CSW logo

CSW logo color croppedYou might have noticed our new beautiful logo for CSW on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! We are pleased that our CSW Research Chair Jaime Loke took the time to create this fresh image to represent CSW.

May it inspire you with its colorful bursts of energy to further push your research, teaching, and other projects to get things done!

Have a good summer time and we will see you all at the AEJMC Conference in Montreal in August!

Send in your (self-) nominations!! New Deadline for CSW Awards: Friday June 6, 2014

Commission on the Status of Women Awards
Call for Mary Gardner Award for Graduate Student Research
Graduate students who conduct research on women in journalism and mass communication are invited to apply for the Mary Gardner Award. This award is designed to fund research that has the potential to make an excellent contribution to the scholarship on women and journalism and mass communication. The award honors Mary Gardner, professor emeritus at Michigan State University and the first woman elected president of AEJMC. Applicants send four copies of a three-to-five page description of the project and its potential contribution and the application’s qualifications for undertaking the project. A three-person panel judges the applications.
Call for Mary Ann Yodelis Smith Award for Feminist Scholarship
Applications are invited for the Mary Ann Yodelis Smith (MAYS) Award which funds feminist scholarship that has the potential to make significant contributions to the literature of gender and media. First presented in 1995, it honors Mary Ann Yodelis Smith, a past president of AEJMC and long-time advocate for women in the academy. Applicants send four copies of a five-to seven page description of the project and its potential contribution to the scholarship on gender and the media and a brief one-page description of the applicant’s qualifications for undertaking the project. A three-person panel, including a past recipient of the award, judges applications.
Call for Donna Allen Award for Feminist Advocacy
The Donna Allen Award recognizes feminist advocacy by a woman or group. This award honors Donna Allen, founder of the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press in Washington, D.C. Submissions should demonstrate how the nominee’s feminist media activism promotes the rights and freedoms of women and minorities across the world. Nominees need not be AEJMC
Call for Outstanding Woman in Journalism and Mass Communication Education
This award honors a woman who has represented women well through excellence and high standards. Nomination letters must detail that individual’s contributions to journalism and mass communication education.



Spring Duvall, CSW Chair