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2013 Panel proposals

Dear CSW members,

With September well under way, it is time to begin planning programming for the 2013 AEJMC conference in Washington, D.C. I have attached the AEJMC Panel Form to propose research, PF&R and teaching panels for inclusion in the conference program. The form asks for information on possible panelists and co-sponsors, along with a summary of the panel topic, etc.

I encourage you to consider possible co-sponsors for your panel and even take the step of contacting other groups about their willingness to co-sponsor your proposal. At the August conference in Chicago, CSW successfully partnered with  a wide range of co-sponsors, including Cultural and Critical Studies Division, International Communication Division, Sports Communication Interest Group, Minorities and Communication Division, Religion and Media Interest Group, and Advertising Division. Working with other divisions and interest groups raises CSW’s profile and increases our ability to offer diverse, high-quality programming. All proposals should include suggestions for possible co-sponsors, but proposals that include a commitment for co-sponsorship are more likely to make it onto the schedule in D.C.

Please consider proposing any and all ideas that may relate to the mission, history, or future of CSW. Given the location of the conference, panels that deal in some way with politics may be particularly appropriate for 2013.

As CSW Vice-Chair, I am happy to work with you on ideas, proposals, or logistics of finding a co-sponsor. If you have an idea for a panel and would like to solicit panelists, please send me your idea and I’ll be happy to share the request with CSW members. I also urge you to make use of the CSW facebook page ( to network with potential panelists.

Examples of successful proposals from last year include:

Mad Women-panel-PFR


PC-teaching panel-T

The deadline for panel submissions is October 30. Please send proposals directly to me: I look forward to working with you to create exciting programming for CSW.

All best,


DrSpring-Serenity Duvall

Assistant Professor

Communications Department

University of South Carolina-Aiken

471 University Parkway

Aiken, SC 29801

Phone: 803-641-3496


Mentoring Initiative 2012

Dear CSW members,

I want to welcome you to the new school year and pass along some important information. The Commission on the Status of Women sponsors a mentoring program for junior faculty and for students. If you are interested in having a mentor or being a mentor, the call is below. I also have attached the forms for mentors and mentees. The deadline for applications is Sept. 30.

CSW Call for Mentorship Project Participants—Mentors, Mentees and Selection
Committee Volunteers: AY 2012-2013
Co-chairs: Carolyn Byerly and Anita Fleming-Rife

Because the feedback from the inaugural year’s mentor and mentee participants has been both
positive and encouraging, the Commission on the Status of Women is pleased to announce that it
is accepting applications for participation in the Mentorship Project for the academic year 2012-
2013. The project, now in its second year, is designed to pair senior mentors with junior mentees
who are in the early to mid-career stages in order to support mentees’ success and advancement
in the journalism & mass communication field.

The CSW membership launched this project in August 2010. It grew out of a year-long planning
effort by the Commission to address the standing need for providing an institutional method to
help advance women in journalism and mass communication education.

The project respects the mentee’s own university personnel guidelines on hiring, promotion and

While Carolyn Byerly (Howard U) and Anita Fleming-Rife (U of Northern Colorado) are the
co-chairs, we are seeking volunteers to serve on the selection committee. If you are interested,
we ask that you please contact either co-chair at the contact information provided below.

Basic details:

Q. Who will participate:
A. Mentees (junior colleagues) are envisioned to be only women. Mentors (senior colleagues) are
envisioned to be mainly female but males will be welcome, too.

Q. How will it work?
A. The project will be coordinated by two senior scholars (“co-facilitators”). They will receive the
applications and negotiate the “match” between mentors and mentees. Applications will be available on
the CSW website as well as from both co-facilitators.

Q. As a junior colleague, why might I want or need a mentor?
A. Developing a research strategy, preparing a strong promotion or tenure file, problem-solving some
specific issues in one’s department are some of the reasons you might seek a mentor.

Q. If I want to be a mentor, what are the expectations?
A. Mentors will be asked to assume responsibility for only one mentee at a time. You will indicate on
your application what you can and/or are willing to do in your mentor role. All mentorship agreements
will be finalized in writing (with a letter to each originating from the project co-facilitators) so both
mentor and mentee can operate with clear guidelines.

Q. How long will a mentorship last?
A. Most will be 6 months–no longer than a year.

Those who want to participate as either a mentor, mentee, or volunteer should contact either Carolyn
Byerly,; or Anita Fleming-Rife,
Deadline: September 30, 2012.

Tracy Everbach, Ph.D.
CSW head 2012-2013


Student seeking mentor