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2012 Program Call – Proposals Due October 3!


Commission on the Status of Women Call for Panels

We need your ideas!

It’s already time to start planning for AEJMC 2012 in Chicago.

We’re looking for some great panels that will make CSW visible within AEJMC and raise awareness about our commission members’ work. Your ideas will help us network with other divisions and interest groups. Proposals are due Monday, Oct. 3.


Panel topics should be related to gender and media and may focus on research, teaching, or PF&R (professional freedom and responsibility, described further below). Topics might include, but are not limited to: teaching methods and strategies, curriculum development, leadership, research methodologies, research projects, professional practice and media industry issues.


Here are some steps to developing a panel proposal:


1. Develop an idea: If you’re not sure how to propose a panel or what to propose, please contact Jen Vardeman ( for PF&R panels or Tracy Everbach ( for teaching and research panels. Think of who can serve as potential panel members in your proposal (including professionals and academics).


2. Find a co-sponsor: You should find an AEJMC division or interest group that would be interested in co-sponsoring the panel (we need to co-sponsor all of our panels since we do not have too many spaces in the program). You should establish a connection with a member in another division and get her/his agreement to co-sponsor before submitting your proposal. That person should submit the same proposal to her or his division/interest group. The full list of AEJMC divisions, commissions and interest groups is available at


3. Send us a one-page proposal with the following information:

-Panel title and description.

-Panel type (teaching, research or PF&R).

-Panel sponsors (divisions within AEJMC).

-Abstract about the panel (a paragraph describing the key issues or subject matter).

-List of proposed panelists and description of their relevance to the panel.

-Contact information for the organizer(s) of the panel, including email and phone.


Send PF&R proposals to Jen Vardeman, AEJMC’s Professional Freedom & Responsibility committee’s mission is to “pay attention to the working environment and standards of the professions that are the focus of our teaching.” Core subject areas are free expression; ethics; media criticism and accountability; racial, gender, and cultural inclusiveness; and public service. Panels that are best aligned with one or more of these core subject areas will be given the most consideration.


Send teaching and research proposals to Tracy Everbach,

Funds for travel reimbursement may be available for panelists who are not AEJMC members, but the deadline for those requests is late January and funds are limited. Please try for Chicago-area panelists or speakers who can fund their own trip whenever possible.


Tracy Everbach

CSW vice-head



The following link also provides the full panel call for 2012:


CSW-call for panels 2012