Fall 2017 Newsletter

ComSHER in Chicago; 2018 Teaching Panels; 2018 PF&R Panels; 2017 Research Paper Competition Summary; 2018 DC trip ideas; an update from Science Communication; New officer information (2017~2018)

Fall 2016 Newsletter

ComSHER in Minneapolis; 2017 Teaching Panels; 2017 PF&R Panels; 2016 Research Paper Competition Summary; ComSHER in the Windy City; an update from Science Communication

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Minneapolis Highlights;  ComSHER Article of the Year; Teaching Panels Tackle Coding, the Ethics of Teaching Tech; ComSHER Leads Submission for 2016; The Bell Museum of Natural History: 2016 ComSHER Field Trip; PF&R Panels at AEJMC; News from Science Communication; The Sundance Film Festival; Stay Connected

Fall 2015 Newsletter

A ComSHER Memoir of San Francisco; 2015 Research Paper Competition Summary; Looking Ahead to 2 Exciting PF&R Panels at AEJMC 2016; Connecting with the Tech Community; Stay Connected

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Science Communication, A Busy Fall, an Exciting Spring; 2015 Call for Papers; Nominations Open for 2014 ComSHER Article of the Year Award; Reviewers: ComSHER Needs You!; Comm failures/Sci/Health/Env…and Risk at Sundance Film Fest 2015; The Tribeca Film Festival: A Handful of Health but Not Much Environment; Preliminary ComSHER Program Schedule Announced

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Recapping ComSHER in Montreal; ComSHER Part of the AEJMC Oligarchy; ComSHER Biodome Trip During AEJ 2014 = Magnifique!; Teaching Panels Address Student Engagement, Public Intellectuals; PF&R Panel Proposals; ComSHER Needs Paper Reviewers to Match its Growth; Science Communication: A Busy Fall, and Exciting Spring, Open Access Options, and Warm Thanks to Everyone!

Summer 2014 Newsletter

Summary of the ComSHER program for Montreal; leadership opportunities; bound for the Biodome, top papers; special Climate Change Issue of Science Communication

Spring 2014 Newsletter

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